30.06 history question

Looking into the history of the 30.06 Springfield rifle, especially as it relates to the U.S. Military, can anyone set me in the right direction?

Pretty decent write up here that might help ya out.

Thank you dawg, do appreciate it, as does my reporter.

r…re…report… report…<gag>… I can’t even say the word. Did I just unknowingly contribute to a slam piece on the 30 06 or a movement on the banning of Springfield rifles? :slight_smile:

Dunno if anyone could slam or ban (Hey! That almost rhymed!) the ‘03 Springfield. Such a lovely shootin’ iron. And it’s a bolt-action, so no-one’s gonna be able to do an ‘assault rifle’ piece on it.

'Course, I’m biased… :slight_smile:

I like my 30 caliber Springfield rifles a bit more newfangled so I’ll keep my M1 Garand. By goverment definition the internal magazine and en-bloc clip make it not an assault weapon but folks that had to face them down might say otherwise. Mine was built in the real Springfield Armory in '43 and rebuilt during the Korean conflict before I got it through the civilian marksmanship program.

No such case.

In our town, (1,200 living, breathing human beings on warm days) the local museum, a little store front on Main Street, run by a number of delightful little old ladies who make up the Historical Society, is featuring “weapons of war,” this month, and they had a dummy granade, a bayonet, a walkie-talkie, a couple old shell casings and three or four old Springfields donated for the show.

I put a rookie reporter (half my staff) on the story of the show and suggested a sidebar on the 30.06s. She and pretty much everybody else around knew nothing about the history of the pieces. So I turned to the Teeming Millions.

Understand that they are even going to let her shoot one of them (a rifle, not a member of the Teeming Millions).

Sorry if I caused a heart attack or something.

TV, something I should have added is that the military rifle is never referred to as a 30-06 (thirty, ought-six) as that is only a correct designation for commercial ammunition of the same type. The rifle is simply a springfield or oficcially US rifle, 30 caliber of 1903 shortened to '03. The rifle and ammunition were designed in 1903 and there was a minor change to the ammunition in 1906, hence the popular 30-06 name. The military never used the term 30-06, the ammunition was simply thirty caliber, US and it was used in other rifles such as the BAR, '41 Johnson, M1 and Browning machine gun. When the M-14 came along with a somewhat different 30 caliber cartridge it was referred to as metric, 7.62mm NATO, commercially the .308 Winchester.

Well, that explains why she couldn’t find anything by searching for “springfield 30-06 military history”.

Do appreciate it.

Keep your powder dry.

Yup… the 30 06 Springfield is a cartridge and the 03 Springfield is the rifle :slight_smile: Sounds like a cool event there. Local Historical Societies can be better than a most large metro museums. I love em.

And though the Springfield is a great rifle, I too love the Garand. But then again, I love the M14 too. Come to think of it, there really isn’t a military rifle that I truly dislike. Even the most beat up Arisakas and Enfields I ever saw had a certain beauty to them in their own right.