30 Day Song Challenge, number 30: Your favorite song at this time last year

We made it! It went two months over schedule and needed several different people to initiate the different threads to keep the challenge going, but here we are with the 30th and final installment.

I guess my “summer jam” last year would have been Of Monsters and Men - Crystals, since that was the leadoff single for the corresponding album which came out in June 2015. The video features a nice cold-looking cave that I wish I could have hung out in during this summer’s heat waves.

After perusing through my Apple receipts from last summer, I have decided on Rhinestone Eyes The Gorillaz.

I can’t even remember what I liked last week, let alone last year. This made for an interesting question in that I had to go back through my youtube history.

Do you have any idea how long it takes to go back that far?

Especially when you are distracted by songs you haven’t heard in a long time and have to listen to them again?

The other problem is I have no favorite song, ever. How can I when there is so much music out there to choose from?

So I found this forgotten one in my history - The Step and the Walk

However, I’ll go with this one being my favorite, since I have to pick just one - Lebanese Blond https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwFhrJBKjjM

I was listening a lot to “Can’t Wait” by Jill Scott from her “Woman” album.



"Jelek" by Herbie Mann and Phil Woods

And I’ve been quite good about avoiding multiple song (or in this case, groove) sharings with this challenge…but I’ll slightly break that to share this, IMO, incredible cover of “Jelek” that I found and listened to a ton at the same time. Love the mystical flavor and tinge that cimbalom gives it.

Uncle Frank- Drive-By Truckers

Thank Christ this is done! Now gimme my damn dollar!

I actually have no idea but since I was getting excited about their concert in September, I was probably binge-listening Toto’s newest album. I’ve already posted my favorite song from it in another thread (Burn, which is also my ringtone :D) so here’s my second favorite:


I’ll miss these threads! I found some good new music. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Every year, this is what I think of most at this time…


My first “cruel summer” indeed.

My favorite song last year was the same as my favorite song now . . . which I linked to in thread #1. So here is one of my other favorites: Rossini: The Barber of Seville: largo al factotum. I’ve seen Hampson in this role at the Met, and he’s my favorite Figaro.

The same song that is my favorite song this time every year:
Dire Straits, “Brothers In Arms”

I was worried that I would have trouble coming up with an answer to this. When you don’t listen to much radio or popular music, you can’t exactly go back, look at the charts and see what was released. Then, I realized the Perseids appear this time every year, and that will always bring to mind the Perseid shower my friends and I saw when we had finished high school and were about to go off to college. That album was huge at the time.

I worked hard to figure out what to answer to this one. Mostly because I have a poor sense of time, and can’t really tell you what I was listening to repeatedly last August. So, I plowed through chat logs from that time with people that I spam songs back and forth with, and combed through my browsing history for that month on several different computers.

And so after reviewing that, it’s either:

The Nazz - Open My Eyes

Redneck Jazz Explosion - Umm, I’m pretty sure it’s Orange Blossom Special, but they jazzed it up a lot.

I listened to the The Nazz’s song so many times that month, I learned how to play it.

The RJE song? Umm, no. I don’t think I can approach Danny Gratton at hauling ass on the fretboard, for starters. But the party piece is Buddy Emmons’ solo that starts at around 4 minutes in. The whole thing is a picture of mastery, and there’s a run he does at 5:27 that just astonishes me. As I mentioned before, I can kind of play a pedal steel. I can certainly understand how things are played on it, but that particular run turns my centers of rational thought into white noise.