30 Rock 12/3/09

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The funniest part for me was the scene where they’re trying to shoot the Dealbreakers promo, including the HD bit. They could have possibly thought of a better image for Jack, but it was still funny.

Frank turing into Liz was pretty funny as well.

I find it interesting that they seem to tease showing us a show, but never actually do it. I’m OK with that as 30 Rock is a workplace comedy that’s about a TV show. Actually showing TGS or Dealbreakers really isn’t actually necessary.

I had to pause it during the Dealbreaker’s promo from laughing so hard.

The scene with Dr. Spaceman was hilarious too:

“You seem nervous, I could give you something…you know, I’m not supposed to have sex with my patients.”

“Dear Dr. Spaceman. Thank you for your submission. The New England Journal of Medicine does not publish X-rated cartoons.”

I thought it kinda “meh”, and the high-definition-horror joke has been better done before and elsewhere.

Yeah, but 30 Rock had the payoff of Jack looking all young and hot (sigh those were good days).

And Kenneth was a puppet (also a returning gag).

The problem with the show is that even when, like this week, not all the story threads completely work, it is so dense with terrific lines and non-sequiturs that it makes up for other shortcomings.

I got Pete as an old man, but why was he naked? :confused: Frank slowly morphing into Liz was pretty funny. BTW how long has Jonathan been back as Jack’s assistant?

Eh, it was OK, but a lot of the jokes were sort of easy to see coming, which is unusual, since 30 Rock lines are usually pretty out of left-field.

I thought Frank turning into Liz was pulled off wonderfully well.

It’s not every day you see someone crying out of their mouth.

that’s how i cry now!

Your hair…it’s fine.

I also liked the little “reset-button” moment at the end when Liz looked puzzled for a moment, then put her glasses back on and shrugged, as if the off-brand eye surgery simply wore off, and needs not be mentioned ever again.

We had to pause & rewind a couple times to laugh repeatedly at the Kenneth-as-muppet moment. Love their little moments like that.