30 Rock March 17 2011 "Queen of Jordan"

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The webpage is more entertaining than the episode.

I’m watching it now and loving it, actually.

Probably my least favorite 30 Rock episode ever. I don’t mind gimmick episodes, but this was just bad.

Agree with every post above mine.

I thought it was okay, they’re definitely coming back from the terrible, terrible season prior to this one. But the AV Club pointed out that those who actually watch the type of Bravo shows that this episode spoofed would find the episode much funnier - I don’t watch any* Real Housewives* crap so I certainly would have missed some jokes.

Frank and the teacher having a heart to heart in the strippercise studio made me laugh, though.

This season has had some of the funniest stuff ever committed to film, but this particular episode was unbearable. Didn’t crack a smile.

I have never seen any of those shows, but I watch the Soup enough to know what they are like. I think they got it pretty good.

Wow. I thought it was brilliant. Easily the best episode of the season, miles above the rest of this terrible season. Ranks with the best episodes ever.

The wine tossing montage cracked me up. And they topped it in the tag.

I liked how they never gave up from the conceit that it was an episode of Queen of Jordan and not 30 Rock.


I thought it was a brilliant episode. I love it when shows pastiche other shows.

“People need to know about Blurry Face Syndrome!”

“I’ve drank up all my throwing wine!”