30 Rock!

I hear Stacy Keach saying that in my head every time an episode of American Greed comes on.

JACK: Uh, Tracy, you do know that “Googling yourself” means looking yourself UP on the internet.
TRACY: I did not know that! That explains why Liz Lemon was so cool the other day!
(Flashback to the other day)
TRACY: Liz Lemon. You mind if I google myself in your office?
LIZ: Sure, Tracy!
TRACY: You mind if I use your computer?
LIZ: How else are you gonna do it?
TRACY (Points happily at Liz)

I want to go to MILF Island.

Actually, one of the few problems I had with *30 Rock *was its obsession with trashy reality shows. I didn’t get any of the jokes, for the simple reason that I don’t watch those shows - I watch shows like 30 Rock.

I can’t find the actual line, but Tracy’s joke about car seats and spinal injuries is a little awkward now.

I don’t either but I got the gist of them.

And under any circumstances, the way Angie says “HAM!!” is just funny.

(from Kenneth’s tour of the studio)

Now you may have heard of J. Fred Muggs, the chimpanzee that was on the Today Show in the '50s, but what most people don’t know is that NBC is still a network.
Okay, now please follow me to Brian Williams’ bathroom which is also J. Fred Muggs’ skull.

“My father didn’t kill dozens of Germans so that his daughter could die in a van!”

“But he wasn’t even in the war!”

Don’t get me started with Coleen quotes.

Have you heard about DeBorahs’s story? Before MILF Island she was just a struggling actress living in L.A.?

Tracy: “But then he scores a basket, even though he’s not a wolf anymore.”
Larry King: “That was Tracy Jordan describing the entire plot of the movie Teen Wolf.”

This is what I was going to put! thank you!

I love the idea of making up holiday traditions out of nothing. So therefore, both the Leap Day episode and the idea of Merlinpeen have amused me greatly.

Dr. Spaceman: Now, Mrs. Jordan, I’ve already administered the epidural, so… would you like one as well?


“Shut … it … down…”

One of my favorite lines is from the very first episode, when Liz and Pete are meeting with Jack for the first time in his office. Liz makes a sarcastic comment of some sort, and Jack says:

“I like you. You have the boldness of a much younger woman.”

There’s another one, later in Season 1, when Liz makes a suggestion to Jack about a speech he has to give, and Jack replies:

“Lemon, this is not open-mic night at the Bryn Mawr student union.”

In the episode where Tracy’s wife gives birth. (And where Tracy naturally arrived late.)

TRACY: Why is that baby covered in goop?
DR SPACEMAN: Because everything about this is disgusting!

Earlier in the same episode, in the middle of labor, an alarm clock goes off in the birthing room. Dr. Spaceman snaps off his gloves and says (to the effect): “I need to go feed the meter”, and leaves the room.

Another one that’s cringe-worthy today (paraphrased from memory, so it might not be the exact quote) is from the Weird Al Yankovic episode when Jenna explains that she’s not afraid to stand up to anybody because “I’ve turned down Harvey Weinstein on three separate occasions… out of five.”

I’d love to quiz Tina Fey for hours on 30 Rock

How they went from a fairly grounded first season to Pete Hornburger was in Loverboy and an Olympic archer. From Liz having a realisticish relationship with Jason Sudekis to marrying a former model. Not to mention Kenneth being immortal.

Her autobiography Bossypants describes some of the early 30 Rock production, having been published about midway though the show’s run. It doesn’t discuss the later-season surrealism, though.