3000 posts of sheer mediocrity

Yep, here it is. Post #3000. Whee. To all the other forgettable posters out there, let me just say that it’s best just to get used to it. Be proud to be part of the vast army that provides such a large percentage of the content here. Just don’t expect it to change. I still regularly get people asking, “Who?” when they see my name.

Fweeeeeee! <—noisemaker sound.

Well, I certainly recognize your name. Though I do know what you mean about the “forgettable” bit.

Congrats on your 3000th post!

Smeghead? Who’s that? :smiley:

Happy 3000!


Here I was thinking you were going to ‘turn over a new leaf’ or ‘carpe diem’ or ‘pull your doper socks up’…but noooooooo.

Your 3000th post was as tepid as you suggested the rest were…sigh.

(couldn’t you have given us an explicit description of your sex-life or something similar…on second thoughts, maybe that’s as mediocre as your posts…but then again, maybe you’re a shrinking violet…more sighs Ahh, we will never know! :smiley:

P.S. With a name like ‘Smeghead’, you are indeed unforgettable…Congrats on getting to 3000!!!

Actually I always think “Smeghead? What’s that?”
P.S. That was the first post of the rest of your life!

Bum bum bummmmmmm.

I’ll drink to that.

Maybe we should start some sort of “3000 posts, but none of them memorable” club?

I’ll join, as soon as I get my numbers up.

Here’s something that may cheer you up. I’ve been running a daily diary on my Web site for well over a year. I’ve also been expanding the site with essays, interesting pictures, book reviews and annotations of Dorothy Sayers’ novels.

This past month, events in meatspace force me to put the diary on hold for a month. A few days ago, I checked my figures to see how many people are coming to the site. No change. None whatsoever. I suspect most of the site’s audience are Webots, spiders and hackers trying the doorknobs. If I was doing this live, I’d be hearing crickets out there.

sigh It sucks to realize you’re mediocre.


I have one question?
Where’s the cake?


You talk a lot :smiley:

Congrats on your mediocrity :wink:

Hopefully, by the time I reach 3000 posts, I will be less forgettable than Smeghead, who I’ve never noticed here up until now.

Am I the only one who realized that next to the OP, where it says “posts” the number is “3002”, and not “3000”?

monica, your posts are not “hard” numbered to each thread. Right now, looking at your post above, you have 179. If you go post in IMHO, then come back and look at this one, it will read one 180.

IOW, Smeghead has posted twice (elsewhere) since the OP in this thread.

Smeghead, you magnificent bastard, you beat me to 3K. But if I hadn’t gone on vacation, it would have been a race to the wire!

Happy Three Kiloposts. And go post in MY 3000th post thread to show your gratitude!

Excuses Max?? So going on vacation was an excuse?? Well, that was THE LOUSIEST excuse for not making posts I’ve EVER heard.:smiley: :smiley:
Next you’ll be telling us you had brain damage from the inoperable tumor, or carpal-tunnel syndrome that prevented you from typing your words into a message. Maybe your server was down (for an extended period) and you were not able to access the site because of THAT. ??

Or do you have a more original one than those??? :smiley:

Oh, by the way, happy 3000th. Have a pot/schooner/glass/whatever of beer for me wontcha??

Heh Just wait til ya have 4 or 500 post and then find out your irrelvant … Althouhg I do admit some of my posts upon rereading are incomprehensible … .

But congratulations your one of the more entertaining posters here

Althouhg I must say the image i get when i see your member name is a person with as notty head cole

What? No shout-outs? I guess that tradition doesn’t exist on this board.

erm snotty head cold