32-foot fake willy


The morning news is referring to a 32-foot, fiberglass orca as ‘Fake Willy’, which I find amusing because I’m a silly person. The purpose of this boat was to frighten sea lions away from docks. The sea lions damage the docks, and compete with fishermen. Unfortunately, the craft isn’t particularly seaworthy, and was swamped by the wake of a large cargo vessel. The ersatz orca is currently up here in Bellingham for repairs.

I thought the use of giant fake willies to scare sea lions had been circumscribed.

I am super-fond of that photo of the ‘boat’ pilot, John Wilfer. He looks exactly like the kind of guy who would yell at the sea lions to get off his lawn.

Or “Get away from my Willie!”

Tell me I’m not the only person who came here expecting a totally different type of thread.


(Psst - consider the source). :smiley:

Johnny - have you moved back in with your SO yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

“You’re going to need a bigger Willy.”

She never moved out!

Add me to any list of people who thought this was about something COMPLETELY different.

You did. 'Member? :dubious: I think it was before your trip to film for your buddy.

How are the feet doing?

Oh, that!

Ankles are still a little swollen. SO says they’ll return to normal soon.