<350 calorie meals at restaurants

Keeping a long (5 months long) story short, I’ve been on a diet wherein all of my meals have to be under 350 calories. When cooking food myself, this hasn’t been very difficult, but eating out can be a minefield as the average full meal at a restaurant is over 1,000 calories. Because of that, I haven’t let myself eat out in 5 months.

Since I recently hit 50 pounds lost (57 now), I’m considering myself capable of controlling myself enough to eat out (or eat foods from out). Now that I can, I’m starting to put together a list of meals from popular restaurants that clock in at under 350 calories.

I’ve only just started, and I’m still on my first restaurant (Panera), so this could take a while. Since this might take some effort, I wonder both if anybody would be interested in seeing the list, should it ever near completion, and if anybody would be interested in contributing to the list.

350 calorie meals probably isn’t something most people are interested, so I wouldn’t make the effort of making the list readable by anybody but me unless I knew somebody wanted to see it.

If you happen to know of any ways to get in and out of a restaurant for under 350 Calories, feel free to post it here (or I can give you permissions to edit the document on Google Docs).

For the record, I’m probably going to have to allow for the possibility of halved portions. For example, a burrito from Chipotle is usually over 700 calories (often extending above the thousands), so I’ll get one, cut it in half, and have it for 2 meals (lunch & dinner).

Oddly enough, the KFC by my house was advertising a <350 Calorie meal.

Is anything from Panera under 350 calories? I know a lot of the sandwiches get up near and over 1000, like my unfortunate favorite Italian one does. Maybe a bagel with no spread?

This website has some options, including Panera

Congrats on weight loss!

her’s another

Man less than 350 calories is impressive. Heck 2 cups of Cheerios and a cup of nonfat milk is 300. I’m more curious what you are cooking at home that stays under the 350 limit since I have trouble staying under 500 on my current diet. By the way how many times a day are you eating 8?

Yeah. By removing some ingredients, most of their salads can get below 300, and if not, a half portion almost always is, and you can order any salad or sandwich in a half portion. I had half a chicken cobb salad yesterday and it was plenty big for lunch, though my measure of how much food constitutes “plenty” has probably skewed a bit.

Here’s the list as it is now (still just Panera stuff): http://docs.google.com/View?id=dc9j2r4_120cjj9hc2p

The page will update as I add to the document.

8 meals a day? No, just 3. With a snack once a day of 200 cals or less, I aim for 1300-1400 total per day.

I’ve made a lot of stuff. Pasta with chicken, pork tenderloin, stir-fry, turkey breast, salmon, tilapia, whitefish, chicken salad, etcetc. Just smaller portions. Removing caloric drinks from my life made a big change. Just water, unsweetened tea, and black coffee for me. And I mean LOTS of water.

Anyway, I’ve got 8 restaurants on my list now: http://docs.google.com/View?id=dc9j2r4_120cjj9hc2p

Panera had the most options by far.

I’m only doing places with a reasonable likelihood of me going, so no McDonalds/BK/etc

I like P.F. Chang’s. I get the Cantonese scallops (1/2 serving is 245 calories), brown rice (half serving is 100 calories) and a small spinach (an entire small order is about 75 calories). I split every dish in half and get 2 meals. I guess it’s a little more than 350, but I would consider 50 extra calories for spinach a good addition to a meal (my going out limit is 500 calories a meal - and I’m a 130 lb female, but I don’t go out for dinner very often).