3DS March 27, for $250.

I want one so bad, but I don’t know if I should wait or not, And who knows when the 3DS Lite will arrive…
It just looks so cool.


It comes with a 2 GB SD card. It will have 3DS Virtual Console for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and maybe Game Boy Advance titles (not at launch, any in 3D, IDK but there were demos of old games in 3D shown on the system before). It will always be able to turn on Tag Mode that will exchange data for a game, even for games not being played; If a game has saved it’s data on your 3DS, the game doesn’t have to physically be in the unit. The “Home” button brings up an ingame menu enabling users to browse the web, turn Wi-Fi on/off and modify other settings without exiting. There’s a “Mii Studio” Application: Take a picture of yourself and have it auto converted into a Mii. An “AR Games” Application: Built in augmented reality games (comes with six paper cards for these – as seen in the video). A Nintendo 3DS Cameras" Application. A Nintendo 3DS Sound Application. A Book Application. 3DSWare games can be moved from one 3DS to another, and some DSiWare games can be moved to the 3DS as well.

Nintendo DID confirmed that they have partnered with big name studios such as Disney, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks to bring 3D movies to the 3DS handheld

Oh, and Launch games:

•Pilotwings Resort™
•Steel Diver™
•nintendogs™ + cats
•Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition from CAPCOM
•The Sims™ 3 from EA
•Madden NFL Football from EA SPORTS
•Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
•LEGO® Star Wars® III: The Clone Wars™ from LucasArts™
•RIDGE RACER® 3D from NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
•Super Monkey Ball™ 3D from SEGA
•BUST-A-MOVE UNIVERSE™ from Square-Enix, Inc.
•Asphalt™ 3D from UBISOFT
•Combat of Giants™: Dinosaurs 3D from UBISOFT
•Rayman® 3D from UBISOFT
•Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Shadow Wars from UBISOFT

I think the 3D camera’s a selling point for me. 3D videos and pictures will be cool in itself.

I’ve had one pre-ordered since before the price was announced. And I live in England, so I knew ahead of time that there would be some gentle shafting on price.

My DS Lite is showing its age, and it’s a choice between buying one now and not seeing one in shops until next year. Japan sold out in one day - that’s Japan the country.

I wonder if there are any plans to port the handful of Virtual boy games that were good. In particular, I’d like to see WarioLand again, and think a Mario Tenis game would be a good idea.

I got my DS Fat on launch day.

Had tenative plans to get a 3DS with tax return money, but that money is spent, and long gone. At least my new Kindle can play games.

Also, I’m a Nintendo Fanboy but the Virtual Boy debacle still stings a little.

Also, Also, Ocarina of Time isn’t a release title.

A perfect storm, more or less, for waiting.

Not sure if this could be done, really. I mean, first off the titles were in red only. The Goggle aspect probably puts VB games in a “Better to demolish the entire place first, and start over” scenario.

But yes, Good games on the system, you could get “lost” in Mario’s Tennis. Which in hindsight, was probably the exact problem with the system.
Never played Wario, but I will add Galactic Pinball to this short list.

GREAT Music on both Pinball and Tennis.

I’ve got a DS but have pretty much only played the Professor Layton games in the last year or so. Unless they do an exclusive 3DS version of one of those, I won’t make the switch up anytime soon. IIRC, the 3DS is backwards compatible with the DS, right?

Yes, it’s backwards compatible. The new Professor Layton is a launch title in Japan, but it won’t come out here for a while. I’ll definitely get one at some point, as our DS is starting to get pretty beat up, but probably not at launch.

Did you get the Virtual Boy? I waited to see if people would buy it. I’m glad I waited. Even when stores were practically giving them away, I didn’t buy one, (now I wish I had). I’m a huge fanboy myself

That’s why I’m interested in what other people have to say about 3DS. I wonder if it will be hard to find one for sale after few months, like the Wii and the old DS when it was in it’s prime, (I don’t recall, the DS being hard to get when it first arrived). I don’t think it will match DS’s success, though.

One reason I want it is because I’m Mario’s biggest fan, and I want to play the Mario Land games for GameBoy, I got the GB late in it’s life-cycle, (my parents wouldn’t buy me one), and I never got to play those games. How can I be Mario’s biggest fan without playing the Mario Land series? Also Wario Land Spin-offs. I played Wario Land 4 for the GBA, and most of the Virtual Boy game, (through a friend), I have some catching up to do.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I got my tax return too, but I don’t know if I can afford this at $250. And who knows when 3DS Lite will be out. The kid inside wants to impulse buy, the adult inside wants to wait.

battery life only ‘3-5 hours’ with 3D activated, and takes a while to charge. That’s not a big deal for me, since I’ll be playing it plugged in most of the time. If I wait for the next model I might get more battery life, and maybe more storage.

Less than a week. I think I’ll wait. The only game I want is Street fighter 4.

Mine’s already pre-ordered. Getting stoked for Sunday!

Depends a lot on how breakable the region lock is. If the answer is ‘not at all’, it would take something extremely compelling to get me to buy one. I’ll be splitting my time between two regions in the future and I’m not very interested in having to import games from the other side of the world half the time, or buying the same device twice. If it was region-free I’d buy one on launch day.

At least there’s no region locking for old games, so there would still be the whole DS back catalogue to play with in the times where you couldn’t buy 3DS games.

I played one at the local Best Buy. I don’t care if people think the 3D is a gimmick, it’s was awesome. All they had was a Pilotwings demo. I knew it would work, but there’s something about seeing it in action that makes it cool.

Problem is, I only want one launch game for it, (Street Fighter), and the battery life is laughable. I wonder how long until the “3DS Lite” will come out.

There’s a Mario game that I MUST get: Notice the tail in the silhouette, (return of SMB3’s Racoon Suit?). There’s no life meter, Just small Mario, Super Mario, and hopefuly some old power-ups… and it’s by the same team that did Mario Galaxy.

Well it appears that I’ll be getting one at launch after all, as my loving wife has apparently had a secret preorder for me for a while. Huzzah!

I’ve been anticipating this for quite a while, Nintendo fanboy that I am, and I’ll be picking it up tonight with a slew of games (Pilotwings, Nintendogs, Monkey Ball, Street Fighter, Ridge Racer, and Rayman).

I plan on spending a good few hours with it tonight and tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to chime in here with my impressions along with my recommendations for launch games for anyone interested. I consider it a responsibility of being an enthusiastic early adopter:p

I’ve played it a ton at industry events and fell in love with it, so I’m stoked to be getting it in just 9 hours.

Steel Diver FTW (and Pilotwings!)

That would be great!

My son was able to round up just enough money to get the system. So, we are picking it up at midnight. Unfortunately, he doesn’t yet have enough to buy any games. So for now, he will just be playing with AR and the camera I guess.