Who's excited about the 3DS?

Got mine pre-ordered from Amazon. So how many Dopers are planning on being early adopters? :slight_smile:

I guess a few Japan-based Dopers might already have one, come to think of it.

I might be more excited about it if I knew what it was.

I played it a bunch this past week at GDC and I’m in love. Steel Diver–the submarine game–is surprisingly awesome. The augmented reality stuff is also fantastic and is the most promising thing about the system, offering a convincing effect I haven’t seen used to such a degree in any other game. Fighting a dragon in my living room is going to be awesome.

My son is currently the #1 yard worker trying to save up for one (after 2 DSs and 2 DSis I’m done with buying them myself).

I really hope my son makes enough because I really really want to play it.

I’ve only had my DSi a little over a year…I’m interested in the 3DS, but I’ll want to spend a lot of time playing a demo before I spend that much money. I’ve started having some really aggravating eyestrain issues lately, so I’m a bit concerned about how my eyes will respond to the display.

I’m a trifle concerned about the light selection on launch day, but the original DS was like that too, and it eventually worked out. Very much looking forward to seeing 3D graphics without glasses. It’s the “holy grail” of gaming!

The $250 price tag is an awful lot for a handheld, and the cartridge games seem to have received a bump in price as well. Amazon is offering most of them for $39, and a few are $45. I don’t recall any regular DS games that went for more than $35.

I paid $250 for my Wii, come to think of it. And only $150 for the first DS. So this little system had better knock my socks off!

It’s a portable game console from Nintendo, which is why this belongs in the Game Room, actually. :slight_smile:

Pre-ordered mine from EB. I’m still on my big 1st gen DS, and I was going to get a lite before this one came up! I’m looking forward to Street Fighter something fierce!

The catch with it is that it can do 3d games without needing 3d glasses via a process called autosteroscopy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autostereoscopy). It’s also compatible with older DS games although it doesn’t display those in the 3dees. There’s a slider on the side that lets the player adjust how pronounced the 3d look is, which supposedly helps prevent tired eyes.

Personally, I don’t care about 3d at all. I hate it and it gives me headaches. But I’m very interested to hear people’s experiences with it once it’s out.


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The top screen in my DSlite cracked about 4 months back, so I’m seriously considering the 3DS. Might wait til the summer though, when there’s more of a line up of titles.

I’m pretty excited about it. Our DS Lite is pretty beat up, so we’ll use a 3DS as a replacement for that, if nothing else. I have a few DS games that I haven’t gone through yet, so that should last as the 3DS software builds up.

I’m not overly excited about the 3D thing itself, though maybe I’ll change my mind when I get my hands on one. Just a fancy DS is more than enough for me.

There’s not any launch titles that really grab me, either. Although I don’t really know what will be available in the online 3DS store. There’s a good number of future releases though, that I’ll most likely want. Zelda Ocarina of Time will be a fun one to play in 3D. Paper Mario in 3D sounds like fun, too.

I have such a hard time visualizing what the 3D could possibly look like, without glasses, though. It just seems very science fiction-y. Nintendo has taken a very hard line against having the 3D screen shown in any advertisements - apparently it doesn’t photograph well - and that sort of increases the mystery for me.

As I said, I haven’t seen it myself, but the 3D effect should be the same as the TV/movie versions that use glasses. It’s the same principle of sending different images to each eye. The 3DS is able to do it without glasses because there’s only one person viewing the screen, and the position of your eyes relative to the screen is known. Or put another way, in the situation of a handheld it’s acceptable for the system to force you to hold it in a certain location relative to your eyes.

One thing I’m interested in is using the 3D with the rest of the system. I’ve always found it a bit tough to view 3D displays, and it often takes me a few seconds to “lock in”. I’m not sure how that will work when I’m glancing at the lower screen, and trying to use stylus input.

I’m extremely… perhaps not excited, but I’m fascinated to find out the potential of the system when it comes to augmented reality. So far as I know it lacks position awareness in terms of GPS or a compass, so that’s a pretty big strike against the genre, but the presence of two cameras on the back opens up (maybe?) the possibility of some visual processing to determine occlusion of virtual objects by real objects, which to my mind has always been the biggest feature augmented reality is missing thus far. If homebrewing is easily done, I might get one just to mess around with.

That said, I’m pretty annoyed with Nintendo for introducing region lockout to their portables with the 3DS. I’m not sure if it’ll be enough to dissuade me from buying the thing, but it might - depends on how much I want the games.

The AR cards look really interesting to me as well. Apparently there’s also a pedometer (gyropscope?) game built in, and you have to walk with the 3DS in your pocket for so many miles to unlock new features, which sounds like a good excuse to take a walk.

I need to decide on a launch title pretty soon, since I don’t think the built-in games are going to keep me entertained til June, when the games I’m really looking forward to come out. I preordered my 3DS with Amazon about a month ago, but didn’t opt to pay for the expedited shipping. So it’s kind of unclear what day I’ll actually be receiving it. Launch day is March 27, which could mean that Amazon will probably ship it on that date, and I can expect to get here sometime that week. The “expected delivery date” is April 4th, but I rather suspect it will be here sooner than that.

On the bright side, no sales tax and free shipping.