3rd plane to White House

ABC News just reported that the plane that hit the Pentagon was intended for the White House.

Also, reported that Air Force 1 was a target.

Ari Fleisher is the one who reported this to ABC News.

Other than maybe the Capitol, I can’t imagine a symbolic target I’d less like to see desecrated. Hard to find a bright spot in this whole mess but maybe that is one small thing to give thanks for. Regardless of what the intended target was, every passenger on the plane that crashed into Pennsylvania is my hero for what was an apparent attempt to wrestle control back from the hijackers. I feel for everyone on all four flights and the despair they must have felt near the end is incomprehensable. God bless and keep them all.

I can think of one, lieu…the Statue of Liberty. That would’ve been less loss of life, but I can see it causing even more outrage.

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