Grounding planes may just have prevented worse tragedy

I just heard on Fox News that they are now receiving word that in addition to the WTC and Pentagon, there were targets for the White House (which is probably the plane that crashed in PA) and Air Force One.

I wonder if they’ll find the other plan that was targeting Air Force One?

As an aside:
I’m still finding it strange to see no plane traffic in the skies (I live an hour from Chicago and can see the immense air traffic in the skies). I did see one small plane flying locally last night. Hopefully this was emergency or military. For the rules to this grounding you can go to

Reports continue to come in about how there might be some cabbies, airport personnel and even an aviator student from Florida linked to Bin Laden that could have been involved.

Yesterday I was overwhelmed at the end of the day with sadness for all the lives lost for absolutely no good reason.

Today is my birthday and yesterday was my nephew’s (he turned 21). Neither one of us will ever forget these days.

Today I am filled with a blinding anger towards whomever did this.

Some of my anger is also directed to the complete and utter jackasses that were gouging customers at the gas pumps. :mad:

Every report I’ve heard about the oil prices has NOT supported the rise of gas prices. All the panic did yesterday was to reduce local supplies for those who might actually need gas (like myself – I’m down to a 1/4 tank and couldn’t get into a gas station last night to save my life unless I wanted to wait 1/2 an hour or more)

In Illinois, if you see a gouger, contact the State Attorney General and report them.

I’m sorry if my post makes no sense as the information is just overwhelming and trying to sort my thoughts has been difficult.

What CNN said was that the plane that hit the Pentagon was the one that was supposed to hit the White House.

The aviation student is allegedly one of the highjackers that left from Boston.

Stunning, isn’t it? As far as I know, everyone in this country is pulling together. I don’t know, presently, of any confirmed reports of people just losing it and freaking out…

…But then there are the owners of some gas stations. Standing alone, doing everything they possibly can to turn the deaths of thousands into phat ca$$$h. As far as I am concerned, they are contributing to the fear gripping the citizens of this nation, and effectively doing the work of the terrorists themselves. I’m not going to say that they are essentially in league with (or are as bad as) them, or use hyperbole of that bent, but they are part of the problem.

It really does suck. Everyone else in this country is coming together except them. And claiming that the extra money at the pumps is going to “charity” (as I saw mentioned in another thread somewhere) is a bunch of laughable garbage as well: somehow, I’m thinking that when lines to give blood are seven hours deep the denizens of the United States will pony up more than enough funds without having to use the local Circle K as a middleman.

(For what it’s worth, I checked the prices of the pumps in Fort Collins and lovely downtown Longmont, Colorado while driving into work today, and the ones that I saw seemed normal. Didn’t look like there were abnormal lines, either.)

Fal this is a really weird, incredibly abnormal time, but in the midst of the chaos, please let me make a gesture so normal as to be mundane and, in spite of everything, Wish You


I’d be utterly amazed if they’d been able to ram Air Force One with a commercial jet. Are they implying this was to be done in the air? My impression was that with all the survelliance, jamming and countermeasures on board that even a missle attack might be defensable.

These amatuer pilots would have to locate AF1, overtake it and beat it at tag while a faster, better equipped, more capably manned, state of the art plane and probably a couple of accompanying F-16’s try and evade or destroy it.

I wish they’d chosen me as a target… I’m fully prepared to rip any of those bastards heads clean off right now.

Fallen Angel, thank you for your well wishes… :slight_smile:

As I watched the news all day yesterday, the government would not explain how AF-1 was threatened. All they would say was that it was one of the targets.

Apparently, the plane that nailed the Pentagon was the plane earmarked for the White House and one reporter theorized that since they probably couldn’t find it from the air, they decided to hit the Pentagon instead.

They’re thinking now that the plane that crashed in PA might have been heading to Camp David.

I watched President Bush live as he talked to reporters and his eyes welled up with tears at the end and I teared up again. I can’t imagine what he must be going through. I wonder if he’s had any real sleep since this started?

I can’t get over the idiotic reporters who apparently can’t understand English and repeatedly asked questions about National Security Issues after Bush said neither he nor his administration would say ANYTHING about it! What morons!

BTW, I should apologize for swearing in this thread earlier. I forgot I wasn’t in the Pit.