So tomorrow is 4/20, International Day of Gettin’ Blazed.

I just read this about the origins of 420; I hadn’t heard that story before. Last I’d heard about it (possibly a decade ago), no one seemed to know how it originated. The most epic part of the origin story:

I couldn’t imagine it happening any other way.

Anyway, any one got plans for tomorrow? Burning a fatty at 4:20? Baking brownies? Watching “Don’t Drink the Bong Water, Charlie Brown” with the kiddos?

It’s only 4/20 in the US.

Here in Canada, it’s 20/4, the day we celebrate Manitoba’s téléphone area code. :slight_smile:

It’s only 4/20/2018 in the US, but it’s 2018-04-20 in quite a few other countries – including, to some extent, Canada, non? I hope someday we can all standardize on the logical YMD format, and future 04-20s will see all people coming together to laugh (and giggle nonstop) about the mixed up and backwards date formats of their ancestors.

Regardless of the silly way the rest of the y’all writes your dates, April 20 is still a day to blaze worldwide. 4/20 activities happen in Canada and elsewhere. So blaze up, you hoser!

I plan on going to see Super Troopers 2.

I won’t be blazing up though as I don’t do that.


Also my ex-wife’s birthday.

And Hitlers.

I’ll leave it at that. Go get mellow, people.

Me? I haven’t touched the stuff in 20 years. My wife has never smoked, but I kinda sorta feel like maybe she’s possibly a little been showing a tiny wee bit of curiosity of late. Maybe by next 4/20, I’ll buy her a dime bag, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

I plan on getting something special tomorrow (not just a joint or a vape cartridge) and going to see Super Troopers 2.

If you can’t make it to Super Troopers 2 for whatever reason, 4/20 may be celebrated with Dirk Gently’s holistic detective agency or Rick & Morty (skip the episode Rick potion #9 while high).

Does anybody roll joints anymore?

I wish people would stop mentioning Hitler’s birthday, you are harshing my mellow


4/20 Day in CA isn’t the same now that it’s legal.

I’ll be celebrating Bicycle Day…a day late, but oh well…

For the completely mundane stuff, I have my 65th birthday on April 20, 2018. No plans for any celebration, just relieved I’ve made it this far.

John Boehner wants you to get high. Seriously. He’s now on the board of directors of a marijuana growing company. Never mind that he was completely opposed to legalizing it when he was a congressman.


Has anyone seen The Joker’s Wild with Snoop Dogg? He’s constantly alluding to marijuana and the consumption/smoking thereof but doesn’t actually mention it, at least he hasn’t in the episodes I’ve seen.

Nursing a chest cold today, so no blazes for me. Might just go home and watch Interview with the Vampire.
I’m normally a reasonably goofy dude, but I have trouble seeing 4/20 day as anything other than eyeroll-worthy.
But it is amusing to watch the kids today giggle about it, as if they’re the ones who invented The Devil’s Lettuce. Whatever kids, be all subversive and stuff. It might serve you well later in life.

I saw a tweet reminding people to leave milk and cookies out for Snoop Dogg last night.

I will be at Itap in the Central West end (St Louis).

As The Pizzeria I run is next door my special for the day is a
Mean Green Pie
featuring Spinach, Ricotta, Artichokes and Fresh Basil…

Oh, and I WILL partake at the sacred hour of…4:20