Happy 4/20 everybody!

For anyone who woke up this morning without a full set of teeth, check under your pillow, maybe you’ll find a present there!

Anything under the tree? Maybe a basket full of brightly-wrapped chocolate candies, Doritos or Goldfish?

Light the candles at 4:20 PM and watch for fireworks. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Wear your “Kiss me, I’m Jamaican!” T-shirt.

At dinner, ask somebody why this day is different from others, in case somebody doesn’t know!

Look, I support marijuana legalization and am just having some fun. Share your 4/20 jokes and comments here, dudes :cool:

My oldest friend’s birthday is today. A few years ago, he and his husband and my Fella and I were out doing something, and I asked for my friends email address. (He’s changed providers several times, so it’s always different.)

So he tells me a combination of letters from his first and last name and then 420@whatever.com.

I busted out laughing. “You are joking, right? 420??”
Him: It’s my birthday!
Me: 420 is a pot reference, you dumbass!
Him:<horrified> OMG, it is??? I’ve been sending that out on all my resumes! That’s probably why I’m not getting any responses.:eek:

I hope you posters all live in states where weed has been legalized… :wink:

Is legalization any closer in the US? We would have had it in Canada before the Conservative government got in in 2006…

Its also Hitler’s birthday. I wonder if those two are related somehow…

Isn’t April 20th also the day that Kim Jong-il said North Korea would no longer guarentee the safety of foreigners? Pot today - war tomorrow?

Please tell me you didn’t set a calendar reminder.

New keyboard please.

On topic:

Captain Crunch

I don’t know about everyone else, but I do :smiley:

Celebration in progress! :smiley:
Love y’all!

And the anniversary of:

The dissolution of Parliament by Oliver Cromwell (1653)
The Ludlow Strike Massacre (1914)
The collapse of the Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961)
The Rivers of Blood speech (1968)
The 1000th killing in the Irish “Troubles” (1974)
The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord raid (1985)
The death of Christopher Robin (1996)
The Columbine High School massacre (1999)
The Johnson Space Center shooting (2007)
The Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill (2010)

So not a great day for mankind.

Actually we came real close when Chretien was going that route back during his last four years, until the Americans got wind of it and started with the “well you better not, or else” political overtures and he backed down it had nothing to do with the Conservatives. That’s about the only issue I have with Harper so far is his stance on marijuana. Mandatory sentences for a certain number of pot plants, give me a break. There’s tons of pot smokers out there, and it will never go away, a lot of them proffesionals that pay taxes, work hard and contribute to society. If a person wants to come on home on a Friday night and smoke a blunt instead of having a scotch. It shouldn’t be a crime considering the damage booze does. Just a matter of time.

Happy 420 !!!

Please respect other people’s religion. April twentieth is my most high holiday. Blessings!

Maybe the celebrants would like to contemplate theMandelbrot Set?

What are you giving up for 4/20 this year?

Considering what I pointed out above, that has disturbing implications. BTW, is anyone making marijuana-laced Viennese chocolate cakes?

Sorry Herr Godwin, my enjoyment of the day is despite what you pointed out.:cool:

Abstinence, of course.:cool: