4 Dead in Ohio

What United States Militia or National Guard has killed the most fellow citizens in a militant action?

Is Kent State the worst?

does the 76 who died in Waco Texas count? That would be ATF and FBI.

The Civil War had a slightly higher bodycount, and in the Union’s view the rebels were still citizens.

In a non-combat situation, the draft riots in NYC during the Civil War were pretty bloody, with over 100 killed. Then there were the race riots in Watts in the 60s, where 34 people were killed.

Define militant action, here.
The Kent State incident wasn’t exactly well-organized on either side.

Were the Native Americans considered citizens during the Indian Wars of the 19th century?

I’m not that familiar with the Watts details, but if it was similar to the 1967 Detroit situation the following year, (43 deaths), most of the deaths occurred at the hands of rioters or the hands of police or people defending themselves, with few deaths actually being the result of Army action.

Leaving aside the Civil War and the wars against the Indians, I would have guessed that the 13 striking Pullman workers in the 1894 stike represented the highest number of deaths from the U.S. military on U.S. soil. (OTOH, I don’t know that the 13 (variously reported as 34) all died in conflict with the Army, either, as some of them may have been killed by police or strikebreakers.)

If we were at war with them we didn’t consider them citizens. Citizenship in that era was contingent on a treaty.

This was largely resolved by the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, which granted citizenship to the remaining tribes (who weren’t enacting treaties anymore since the wars were over, and who were barred from naturalization.) Frankly it took too long to do so.

Wiki doesn’t speak to who caused the deaths, although in the 1992 riots over Rodney King, it says:

While many deaths in the Draft Riots were African-Americans that were killed by angry mobs, most deaths were from military shelling and shooting.

How about the Tulsa race riots:

I am not sure how many of the deaths could be directly attributed to the government, but probably a pretty large fraction…

Oh, I think the Bonus Army also deserve honorable mention even though only 5 people were killed:

The Battle of Blair Mountain is an interesting case:

Between 50 and 100 miners were killed in the fighting, but Wiki doesn’t break down the number killed in the bombing versus the number killed by the coal company’s hired thugs.

How about the Tulsa Race Riot:

Its kind of a grey area, as the killings were carrried out by a mob rather than a military unit, but the local militia regiment was clearly involved.

I would agree about that, but I don’t think that the ATF and FBI fall under Militia or National Guard.

numerous people were shot in the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and the fire that followed. The official total is thought to be understated.

Are we talking about the deaths in the fire that the Davidians started?

and the Davidians killed by other Davidians?

WACO, TEXAS November 8, 2000” aka “The Danforth Report” here.

CMC +fnord!

The documentaries I have seen on it said that the fire was started by the flares the federal agents fired into the building. Not to mention the gas the agents pumped into the building (into the room the childred were in). They said the gass killed many of the children.

This is from documentaries I have seen (on Discovery Channel I think).