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I’m posting this in general questions because it’s only partially related to cecils reply to this

My actual question is…

How do gums, ones that contain baking soda, reduce plaque and whiten teeth?

Is it just because the creating saliva thing, or is there something in baking soda that cleans your teeth?

My girlfriend is doing a report for school and can’t find any proof that dentists actually recommend it, especially since it can mask some periodontal diseases when accompanied with peroxide.

Any dentists out there have the straight dope?

sorry, i meant to post this in general questions. moderator, a little help please. thanks.

Because it is the chewing motion in gum that removes the plaque… it doesn’t matter what is in it… even sugared gum will do it.

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Here’s something I found today your friend might want to include in her report:


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