Dentyne & white teeth

I have before me a pack of Dentyne gum (original flavor) that says it helps keep teeth white and breath fresh. I don’t doubt the fresh breath, but how in tarnation does it help my teeth stay white?

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Pretty simple, really. Things stuck to your teeth become stuck to your chewing gum.

Yep, Papa, that plus the increase in saliva production from chewing the gum. Some of what doesn’t stick to the gum is washed away by the excess saliva. Still glad you asked, Shirley?

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So they should invent a toothpaste chewing gum. You know with the same active stuff as toothpastes, mainly sand.

Here is the dentyne home page:

It doesn’t answer your question, but you can ask them.

Also, does Wrigley’s double-mint gum double your pleasure?

Cheese–kind of depends on your pleasure…

They made a gum with baking soda in it. Nasty!

I don’t know about whitening teeth, but saliva cuts down on cavities.

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