4-way cross-platform gaming

Short article on Dungeon Defenders(RPG/Tower Defense) demoed at GDC. Of course, Portal 2 has been announced as PC/PS3 cross-platform.

Is this the future of co-op gaming?

Reread the article and it doesn’t mention 360(PC/PS3/iOS/Android).

I’ve never really understood why there isn’t cross platform co-operative gaming for some titles. Rock Band seems like the most obvious example. I have mates who are on 360 and I am on PS3 - yet Rock Band can’t get Sony and Microsoft to allow online co-op across the two platforms, so I can play Rock Band with my real life mates (without all crowding into one room)?

Is it a lot more difficult technically than I think it is or is this to do with politics?

Really looking forward to Portal 2 - my PC owning mate and I are already planning our assault on the co-op levels when it gets released.

Didn’t Final Fantasy XI (the MMORPG one) have cross-platform with PC and PS2…I thought I remember my BIL efven telling me you could own both cersions, and log into one with one character, log out, and then log into the other version and continue with the same character.

The lack of cross-platform between 360 and PS3 is pretty much just politics. There’s no real barrier, just lack of interest on the parts both Sony and Microsoft. Crossing between PC and console, though, is a whole different story. The only genre with a big presence on both is FPS, and that would be an utter disaster. A pair of control sticks can’t even come close to a keyboard and mouse when it comes to aiming, especially on the move. There’s tricks the console developers use to compensate, but any PC user would tear any console user apart if they played directly. Portal 2 will work cross-platform because it’s co-op.

I’ve never even played a FPS on a console. I have no idea how anyone can even aim with those things.