Counterstrike: global offensive to feature console vs PC cross-platform play

Oh glorious news my friend.

Counterstrike: Global offensive will allow crossplatform PC/PS3 play.

Valve has already worked steamworks and crossplatform play into Portal 2, which is interesting. But you can’t shoot each other in the face, so nothing great. Microsoft won’t allow it to be done on xbox because they have to lock down everything.

Now it does say the the PS3 users will be allowed to use mouse/keyboard, but will some of you guys who say gamepads are just as good at shooters please indulge me in a duel with your gamepads once it comes out? Now we’ve got the chance to prove it.

Assuming they don’t put some ridiculous autoaim on it to compensate. Which they may do, because otherwise gamepad users will ragequit about 3 minutes into it and never play again. It’d be so silly to have autoaim in a counterstrike game - the entire fucking point of the game is aiming, and they take that away from you.

I just wish it included xbox since I know a lot of you have that, but if you would be so kind as to acquire a PS3 so that I could headshot you while doing backflips IRL while you twiddle with your little thumbsticks, I would appreciate it.

Challege issued, glove firmly thrown, cheek promptly smacked.

I will say right now, with all seriousness, if there’s not some ridiculous handicap mechanism, that I will put together a fund to buy LOUNE a PS3 if he agrees to play against us on a regular basis with his gamepad to show us how they’re just as good. I can probably get 5 or 6 people together on this one at least.

In other challenges, again if they don’t put in some absurd handicap like autoaim or huge hitboxes, I will take on all of you - all of you that have a ps3 and will use a gamepad, at once. 10 vs 1? Great. Let’s do it.

PS3 supports KB+M so it’s whatever.

I know - which is why I specified I’d only go 10v1 if they used gamepads - but we should have plenty of volunteers since we’re often told that gamepads are just fine for shooters.

I do wonder how many people will try to compete with a gamepad anyway, and if they’ll have ps3-only servers where they can retreat to. Or even worse, maybe it’ll only let you go into the crossplatform section if it detects a KB/M.

Don’t fuck this up Valve, don’t coddle them. Let them play us.

How did Portal 2 handle it?

Portal 2 is Coop, not competitive. And it’s not really about shooting other people.

There is no way they do this without handicapping the PS3 players somehow, a company isn’t going to waste valuable resources making a big fuck you console players game. Did anyone actually argue they can play better with a game pad than with mouse/keyboard?

As a (once) mid-top cod player back in 2005-2006 I can say there are large nuances that you can have by using the mouse and keyboard that you cant through the controller.

There is no way a person is able to aim as well with the controller as the mouse. It is simply a non-issue, and the reason why they dont combine the two platforms. I assume that the ps3 version will limit itself to m+k only, otherwise it is a bit of a joke to those who play with the mouse. I have my issue with the ps3 mouse, but that may just be a setup problem and thats a bit of another story.

The game-pad is already handicapped anyway, as it is often made to lock onto a player if you get it within a reasonable distance of the hitbox. This alone is not enough I feel. Granted, this would be a bigger issue for CoD1 where a large portion of the skill was actually learning how to iron-sight the guns properly (I cant imagine controlling the recoil with a game-pad, though I realize its likely possible), which is not an issue with counterstrike.

Anyone who argues otherwise has little or no experience with both platforms, or is being ignorant.

After watching people play MW3 on the PS3, I agree: there’s no context. I was watching this and wondering to myself why the player didn’t do certain things.

Why did he shoot slightly to the left of the target instead of dead-on?
Why didn’t he not turn 90% then flip back all the way around to check every ange of the room?
Why didn’t he switch between weapons depending on target range?
Why didn’t he alternate grenades based on situation?
Why did he keep getting killed by easy targets?

Then it hit me: he couldn’t. He was perfectly decent at the game (not good, but acceptable. All of that functionality either doesn’t work with a controller, or simply can’t be done in the game… because it’s designed for controllers.

SenorBeef - you may remember me from the CounterStrike Source server you ran a while back. I have a PS3. I’ll try for a laugh, but you might also remember my CS:S skill level, so no conquest for shooting me.

In an ideal Darwinian world the optimal controller would win out.

I dont quite understand the above comment, I think its right over my head.

LOUNE is a big advocate that gamepads are just as good as KB/M for shooters. I was trying to dig around for the exact quote I was looking for but couldn’t find it. Instead I could only find posts that hinted at it:

Implies level of precision is equal: 1a 1b 2a 2b

At one point he admits that PC gamers probably would have an edge in cross-platform gaming, but it’s because those nerds play games a lot and also have headphones, not because the controls are better. I also post a random video of good quake 3 players (which demonstrate a level of speed and precision no one in the history of humankind has approached with thumbsticks) which he simply says oh sure you can to. I ask him to provide example video, because all the footage I’ve seen of youtube of “pro” players on console look roughly equivelant to a 6 year old trying to play on a PC, but he doesn’t.

I recall more direct quotes about how gamepads are equally precise and good (he never says better that I can recall), but I wasn’t able to find them in a search.

But like I said - if there was no-bullshit cross platform play, no autoaim or crippling or anything, gamepad vs kb/m, I will put a fund together to buy him a ps3 (assuming it’s only ps3/pc and not xbox) if he agrees to play a certain amount of gaming against the people who buy into the fund. Exact details can be worked out later.

Obviously the PS3 users wouldn’t stand a chance. If things started going south for the PC crowd, they’d just bust out their aimbots and wall hacks.

Yo. I saw the announcement a while ago, and it sounds pretty interesting. Not “I’ll go buy a PS3 just for this game” interesting, but it sounds interesting. I just wonder if it could hold my attention. I tried the last Source-derived FPS (it was Burp, or Blast, or Breach or some one-word name title around when Brink came out) and it didn’t hold my attention at all.

You shouldn’t really hold Breach against it. It was a half-assed indie budget game, nothing like a valve-developed game.

I watched some beta footage though and CSGO doesn’t look much different than CSS to me. The most noticible change is an awful wheel menu for buying and molotov grenades. Understandably they don’t want to mess with the formula that has resulted in about a bazillion of manhours of playtime over the last decade+. But I’d buy it for the cross platform play alone, assuming it comes in at a reasonable budget price - I assume $20.

BTW LOUNE, have I mischaracterized your position, or do you believe that gamepad players will have the same level of precision and general FPS ability available to them assuming they’ve had equal amounts of practice to the non-gamepad players?

Oooh, found another one. LOUNE, we have to find a way to have a one on one match. Hell, and a ten on one match - bring all your friends. I will record it for all of the SDMB to enjoy.

It’s all a bell curve. It’s also a different instrument. To me, it’s akin to comparing the dexterity needed to play a violin and the dexterity needed to play a piano. They’re more or less just two different instruments. Both play music.

I think the difference is negligible once higher levels of proficiency have been achieved.