To the "PC Games are better than console games" crowd.

I’ve argued about PC vs. console games many times in the past, and I still think consoles are the better option overall for gaming and that PC gamings days are numbered BUT…

I’ve been playing Dragon Age 1 on my 360 for a couple of weeks and have enjoyed it so I decided to download the Ultimate Edition on my laptop to play while I’m on the road this week. After playing it I have to admit…

The controls on the PC blow the 360 out of the water and I don’t think I’ll be able to return to the console to finish the game. The graphics are pretty much a wash for me because I’m playing it on my laptop which is pretty powerful but not gaming-rig powerful. The controls though are indisputable. Going back to the clunky controls (though they did give it a valiant, and marginally playable effort) will be impossible This particular game is meant to be played with a mouse and keyboard.

Kinthalis you win this day, but I’ll be back…

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Welcome to the dark side Cubsfan.

And that’s not even an fps! The main argument is that Mouse+keyboard is far superior for FPS.

I watch a lot of cod gameplay videos on youtube (I mean a lot). the vast majority of them are from console. When I compare what I see to what I experience when playing - you can tell when someone is using a gamepad - the movement of the reticle is less fluid, more ‘robotic’, more restrictive.
Plus: So far NOT ONE of my PC opponents has made reference to any kind of intercourse with my mother.

Heck, I was once asked politely if my mother was available that night on
In all seriousness, though, Bioware significantly squandered the strengths of the PC in Dragon Age 2. Win some, lose some. (I’m primarily a PC guy, but I’ve got a 360 and PS3 as well.)

PC and console gaming are two completely different beasts with barely any overlap. I’d never play sport games or fighting games in a PC, I’d never play a shooter or a mmorpg on a console. And since those are the only four kinds of games worth playing i’d say both platforms are equally valid.

Simulation games are awesome… RPG games are awesome… Racing games are awesome… Grand theft auto and Driver is awesome… Really, only 4 genres worth playing? You couldn’t get into Super Mario 64 I guess… Rare breed to not like platformers…

Really? I assumed most people weren’t liking them, since they seem to have fallen heavily in availability. I remember when nearly every other game was a platformer. And that’s not even counting the 2D days, where nearly every game was a platformer.[/offtopic]

Well of course. It’s a tactical game that requires managing several people with tons of different abilities - how in the world could it be anything but horrific on a gamepad? The second dragon age apparently got super dumbed down, especially the console version, so that it became a button masher rather than a tactical game. That sounds like it just murders the game.

PCs are always going to have better control schemes because they can’t have worse. When a game works best with a gamepad, then use a gamepad on the pc. When a game works best with a mouse … well, you’re fucked.

It actually makes me sad sometimes. If you think of video games as a form of art, if the platform you’re playing on restricts you, you’re seeing a twisted, abridged, inferior version of that art. If you play dragon age on the console, you never really get to see its true beauty. Or if you play a bethesda RPG, you only get the mediocre stock game and never see the greatness that the community can turn it into. So the majority of people are experiencing a crippled version of this art, and that’s just sort of sad in general.

This is generally true. PC gamers are generally older and more mature. I haven’t played much on xbox live, but it’s just fucking ridiculous. It’s just FAGGOT FAGGOT NIGGER NIGGER JEW repeated on a loop. Kids trying to be shocking.

You occasionally get retards in PC games but it’s far rarer and those people are never welcomed. In fact it’s always funny when I’m playing a game and someone calls someone else a faggot, and suddenly 6 people jump in to say “hey, why don’t you go play on xbox live?”

Oh how I wish this was true. If PCs and consoles had seperate games, I would not give the slightest shit about consoles. This is only true for the wii - and I don’t give a shit about the wii. I never get in pissing matches over the wii or blame the wii for dumbing down my games. If we could go back to when this was true, I would be tremendously happy.

But starting with the original xbox, all consoles are is a shitty low end PC that can never be upgraded. They use the same graphics cards. The same libraries. The same code. 90% of the games made for consoles are also on PC (not the reverse, due to licensing issues, control unsuitability, technical requirements, etc).

Which means that all these games get developed for the lowest common denominator. It makes technology freezes for a decade. It means games are balanced around shitty controls. It means interfaces can be limited because you can’t see detail looking at a TV screen across the room. Etc etc.

This is just based on widely held ignorance. You can use whatever controls you want on a PC for any game you want. You like to play fighting, racing, and sports games with a gamepad? Do it! I use the same controller that came with my 360 to play PC games when it’s appropriate. Want to use a joystick? Great. A wheel? Yep. A trackIR unit? Go nuts. A wiimote? Plenty of bluetooth hacks. Want to play shogun: total war on your rock band drumset? If you can figure out a way to work it, go nuts.

Why wouldn’t you play fighting games on a PC? You can use the same controller. Capcom considers the PC version of Street Fighter 4 to be the definitive one. It’s the fastest with the least lag time, the best looking, etc. The professional SF4 tournaments aren’t using xboxes, they’re using PCs.

The only reason you could possibly have that impression is that because you are unaware that you can use gamepads with PC. Well, you can. The same exact ones that come with consoles if you want, or dozens of different models available to fit your needs and preferences.

The only thing consoles beat PC on is casual multiplayer with several people in the same room without each having their own display. Which is cool - there are a lot of times you’ll want to play rock band or have a tekken tournament with your friends passing around the controllers - but that’s the full extent of it.

they should start dumbing down games so that i can play more stuff on the ipad.


Can’t say anything about the console versions, but the PC version is still a very tactical game on Hard or Nightmare, in some ways even more tactical (cross-class combos, having to react to every new wave) but in some other ways less tactical (no friendly fire until Nightmare). Normal is a joke, though, and I’d guess a lot of players never change the difficulty so … shrug

YMMV but I have more issues with the lacklustre story than what they did with the combat.

This is misleading at best. They use arcade cabinets in Japan, and consoles here, because NO ONE PLAYS SF4 competitively at this point. Capcom didn’t even deign to release Super Street Fighter 4 for the PC. Definitive indeed. :smack:

You would not play fighting games on the PC because if you have any interest in playing a current version of any of them, they’re not available.

This is like saying that the PC is the superior game platform for Super Mario Bros. It may technically be true, but it’s not relevant.

This point really needs to be underscored. I bought a copy of Darksiders (button masher/platformer) because it was cheap on Steam. After playing it for an hour with a mouse&keyboard, I thought to myself “Gosh, this game seems like it would play much better with a gamepad”. So I unplugged the gamepad from my x360 and plugged it into the USB port of my PC, and the game instantly recognized it. Within 5 minutes, I was happily button-mashing away. Identical experience as the 360 version, only with better graphics.

I misremembered the quote about it being the definitive version - one of the devs said “could become the definitive version” - but I know it has some extra stuff like extra art styles, runs with less lag and higher frame rates which is absolutely critical for a millisecond-level timing game like that.

The EVO group who I’m under the impression runs the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world ran their SF4 tournaments on PCs. I found that out because they use the same monitor I do - or at least a smaller version. Which sold me on it - because I’m big on input lag and reactivity, and if that group picked that monitor, it must be good at it.

Anyway, it’s true that SSF4 isn’t on PC - but it’s not because PC is somehow unsuitable for it, but because it doesn’t sell because millions of people said “lol why would you play street fighter with a mouse?!?” just like this thread.

The assumption that you can only use a keyboard/mouse to play PC games, and the lies perpetuated by console advocates that you have to buy a $5000 PC and upgrade it every 6 months have steered people away from making an informed decision about the subject, and it’s based on ignorance.

No one has ever told me anything about SF4 running with less lag on the PC; And yes, it’s critical, so I daresay if there were any on consoles, people would have noted it by now. Do you have a cite?

Absolutely, but EVO uses consoles (or at least, that’s what the did last year.); Seeing as how monitors, as a rule, connect equally well to PCs and consoles, that’s not really an indicator either way.

ACTUALLY, it’s because Capcom[/ur] [URL=“”]perceives SF4 as having been pirated out the wazoo on the PC. And nothing to do with your perceptions of people’s intelligence levels.

Yes, because only console users ever exaggerate.

Please. We’ve done this before.

My only point here is that, with regard to fighting games, people play them on consoles or in arcades (the latter mostly in Japan these days), not on the PC, unless you’re talking about the extremely niche genre of “doujin fighters”, some of which are developed for the PC because the folks behind them don’t have the resources to publish them anywhere else.

If you want to play current fighting games, you do it on a console. You can rail against that all you want, but it’s how it is.

The gamepad does seem to be pretty good for platformer-style games, which is why I use a gamepad on my mediatron when playing certain console-style games on PC – Simpsons Hit and Run, Psychonauts, Beyond Good & Evil. But I suck hard at Halo using these damned thumbsticks. I do better aiming once and strafing with the gun locked in place than trying to re-aim for each enemy.

Is it just me, and the console people just have madder skilz? Probably. But I’m reminded of a talk I once heard from a guy who visited Soviet-era Russia. The Russians he roomed with made fun of the soft toilet paper he brought with him, because it was so flimsy. Russian toilet paper was strong! Well, if you have to wipe your ass with sandpaper, you might as well take pride in it. But, don’t be shocked if no one else feels they’re missing something.

Do I really need a cite that PCs are faster with a higher, more consistent frame rate?

That’s true, I should’ve been more clear. I stumbled across the fact that they used PC to run the SF4 tournaments while doing research on the monitors they used.

Well, either way, it was due to the sales on PC. It’s not because, as the person I was responding to said, fighting games somehow don’t work well on the PC. And a big part of why those sales figures failed to materialize is because most people think similarly. “Of course you play fighting games on consoles” - mostly because they think console = gamepad and computer=kb/m, so any game that plays better on gamepad plays better on console. But that’s a position based on ignorance.

I’m pretty careful to keep my statements factually true.

That may be - but it’s based on popular perception, not any lack of the PC’s ability to play fighter games well. Which was the point of the guy I’m responding to.

SF4 at Evo 2K9 (the only EVO with SF4) was played on PS3. You can see it on the table in the grand finals footage.

Not bringing the new SF to PC is just typical stupid Japanese game developer attitude. Only a few Japanese devs have even mentioned that they need to branch out to the PC as a valid market. And everyone points to their inability to adapt to the current trends as the reason why that market is being eclipsed by western game development.

I mean, by their own admission the game sold really well on PC. But instead of worrying about their paying customers they worry about the pirates.

That’s pretty much irrelevant though. I’m not going to advise someone who wants to play fighting games “Oh, just use your PC; I’m sure the Japanese developers will come around and publish up to date versions of their titles for it any day now.”

Also, Capcom isn’t alone in not deciding to release a sequel to a fighting game on the PC; Arc System Works decided against bringing Blazblue: Continuum Shift to PC even though the previous game had gotten a PC release.

Upshot: You don’t want a PC for fighting games.

Yes, you do, because lets face it; It matters what you’re running. A PC can’t run Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, or Sonic 2 any better than a console, and I’m not convinced there’s any difference in SF4 either. Once the game runs at 60FPS reliably, it doesn’t matter how much computing power you have. It’s not possible to improve on “lag free”. So until you can provide a cite, there’s no reason for me to believe there are any differences in lag or frame rate between the PC version of SF4 and the others.

It’s interesting to note that my first hit on “SF4 PC Frame rate” in google is a capcom unity posting about issues with people playing on PCs against people with slower PCs, since the default setting causes the game to lag (instead of dropping frames) in that configuration.

Identical hardware is a big plus in the fighting game scene.