$40 for a concealed carry permit. What do you think?

Seriously, this person will train you and provide you with a CCP in the state of North Carolina. He teaches the class in his own home. He even gives you a .22 revolver to qualify with. (The only reason you qualify with a .22 is that his neighbors object to louder guns fired in this man’s back yard.

What should I ask for certification from him? He is doing this at about 1/3 the cost of all other trainers in the area. Also, class size is 3-7 persons. That sounds like a good Student to Teacher ratio. He said that the class is scheduled for 6 hours, but few run that long.

I am thinking that I should be in this class. What objections should I have?

SSG Schwartz

Well, if you have reason to believe that the permit he issues means more than you have his permission to carry, I guess you could go for it.

Me, I want some involvement with the guys who might arrest me if my permit isn’t in order, ya know?


Concealed carry permit? Bizarre. :stuck_out_tongue:
(if you’re confused, check the location.)

Eat me. I just put in my renewal to the tune of $30, and even so it’s not guaranteed. I have to go through all the checks again, to which I have no objection because it ensures in my mind that nobody slips through the cracks, and I have to go and pick it up in person once it goes through.

I’m with Triskadecamus- check this guy out before you go any further. Ask your local law enforcement. Otherwise you’ll merely have a moderately expensive day at the range with guns that do not resemble what you’ll be carrying (which is the really important thing).

In Nevada the CCW/CCP class is offered only by certified (by the state or county) people and costs something like $150.00. Then you have to get the CCW card at the county sheriffs office with your photo. I would seriously investigate the CCW/P laws for NC if your are interested before paying some random guy 40 bucks.

Also, you should have to qualify with the gun you are going to carry, so with this class, if it were legit, you could qualify for a CCW/P with a whimpy .22 and then pack a .44 Mag. Big Difference in power and handleability.

This website would be a good start:

Hand Gun Law

If nothing else, contact your local sheriffs office.

I wasn’t trying to be rude, or rub it in anyone’s face. I know that what works here wouldn’t work in most other places.

I wasn’t either. I was lamenting about the injustice of it all. Then again, who lives in Vermont? If everybody in the state carried they’d only need a law to cover ten people or so. :smiley:

I’m actually just about to go get myself permittified in North Carolina, so her’esm y experience. It’s going to differ county by county, however, but I’m guessing this isn’t GQ, so I’ll sound off anyways:

Licensing is done by the County, and you need to have civilian licensing for your weapon, even if you’re using a military sidearm. Concealed carry classes, on the other hand, are offered by every gun range or NRA club. The state FAQ on concealed carry says they have to be issued by the County Sherrif’s office, but there may be deals set up between the sherrif and these places (all run by guys coincidentally named Duane around here). You still should check his certification out before you fork over the cash. And, yeah, if he’s sketchy, definitely pay cash.

Thanks for the suggestions. I do plan to ask him for his certification before I pay the fees. As most of you should know, I am familiar with handguns and rifles. My thinking is the price is too good to be true.

If I can get 6 others to go with me, I will let you know how it went. ( I currently have the minimum of 3, so I may have to go with that)

bouv, Get an open carry permit why don’t you?

Diomedes, I’m in Harnett. Maybe we can have a rural Dopefest?

SSG Schwartz

The joke is that no permit is required for anybody, resident or non-resident, to carry a weapon under any circumstances in Vermont. You could go up there tomorrow, strap it to your hip in plain view, and the police wouldn’t even look twice.

CCP and open carry permits don’t exist here. At all. No one can get them.

On the other hand, no one needs them. Anyone who isn’t a felon can carry a concealed weapon on their person at any time (except schools, courthouses, and other places prohibited by law…which isn’t very many places.)

AFAIK, VT and Alaska are the only two states that don’t require any sort of permit to carry a concealed weapon (though IIRC Alaska does have one, but it’s only so someone from Alaska can go to other states and still carry, assuming that state honors other states CCP.)

Understood, I was about to put one of these :smack: in my post. The open carry was the best I could think of.

SSG Schwartz

Sounds like a treat. We could meet up down at Raven Rock or something? How many central NC dopers are there?

Odd, I thought you were commenting on SSG Schwartz’s location. Why the heck would anybody need a permit to carry in a military fort! :wink:

You have to wait? Last time I renewed mine, I took my 19$ to the county sheriff’s office and five minutes later walked out with my new license.

Considering it was a renewal and not a new license, they’d already know if I had done something to become disqualified because - duh - they’d have revoked the old license. It was quicker and cheaper than renewing my driver’s license, and they both require a photo.

Welcome to Cumberland County. You know how it works. There are 67 counties in Pennsylvania, and they all have their own rules and regulations. The only thing more screwed up is the 501 school districts.

This is true in Virginia as well.

Of course, in Virgina there is a permit requirement for concealed carry. But open carry is permitted sans permit.

My .02 I bet this guy is not paying for permits/hazmat oversight that most gun ranges do as well as the simple fact that he is using his own home makes it more cost effective.

I run an onsite PC repair biz out of my home. Some of my competitors charge up to triple what I do, then again I am not paying for main drag real estate.