40 Somethings....

Being new will getcha let off once, but don’t let it happen again. :wink:

I think it was sometime between 42 and 45 (I’m now 49). I took up fencing (which I hadn’t done since college) and archery (which I hadn’t done since camp) and got serious about my dilletante yoga practice. I began noticing that I didn’t bounce back as fast when I was hurt or tired. This is not the same as “feeling old,” but I do sorta feel like my warranties have expired.

I never got warranties. What a rip off.

Figures, my parents were so friggin’ cheap.

If I do it again, do I get a spanking?

It was in my mid-40s that I discovered that my muscles, particularly in the abdomen and chest, didn’t respond to exercise the same way they used to. For example, I’m convinced that I could now (I’m 50) do abdominal crunches all day, every day, and still have a modest pot-belly.

At the gym, I’ll see some ripped 20-something using one of the weight machines. If I use the same machine right after he does, I suddenly realize that I’m pumping half again or even twice as much weight as he is. So why don’t my pectorals look like they did when I was that age?


Well let’s see. I turned 42 in May. I’ve been fat my whole life, so nothing new there. I’ve worn reading glasses (I’m farsighted) since I was 23, so no new malady there. My blood pressure’s normal, my cholesteral’s normal and the last time it was checked on a treadmill, my heart was as healthy as it’s ever been, so no major issues there. The last young gentleman I took up with had some problems with my, um, stamina - seems I was too much for him :smiley:

One thing - I broke my ankle in a motorcycle accident last summer and that has taken a while longer to heal up and get back to some semblence of normal than it probably would have if I was 25.

So, tell me, what is this “falling apart” thing you speak of??

(and yes, I am feeling a bit like a prideful little prick tonight, why do you ask?) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I was out of commission for almost a year in my mid-twenties. That and the recovery made me feel so old and slow … so far, nothing to match it.

However, I have noticed I can no longer walk into a bar and assume that some one will offer to buy me a drink.

I began to notice just this year: I’m 45. Haven’t gotten reading glasses yet, but I’m very close. And I take fencing, but find I can’t go as often as I’d like because my shoulder gets sore and takes a long time to recover, as in days, when before if something got sore it was at most a day or two and then it was done.

Reading glasses on a idiot string around my neck.

The first time I caught myself thinking, “How can they listen to that noise and think it’s music?”.

Don’t tell anyone, but I can remember a four cent stamp.

I must be older that dust.

I’m 39, looking forward to the big 40 next year.
I know I look better than I did 20 years ago – but damn, everything hurts when I step out of bed. Fingers, knees, ouch.

:::depression sets in:::

44 year old checking in. So far not toooooo bad, really, I guess. I’ve always been a fairly strong woman, but a few years ago, when my husband and I were bringing up the big, huge air conditioner from the basement, I could barely handle it and really wrenched my knee in the process. That was the first time I had to say, “I can’t do this any more. When it has to go back downstairs you need to get help.” That was kind of sad. And in the last year or so, my arms seem to have gotten much shorter…I really have to stretch them out to read small print. And I find myself having to go to the closest light source to read anything small, as well. That’s a fairly new twist.
On the other hand, I don’t have very many gray hairs yet. They are still in the single strand here and there stage. Everyone seems to be surprised when they find out how old I am. (yes, they think I’m younger. Either that or they’re good at lying. ) I think that’s partially due to the color and length of my hair and that I dress casually for the most part. Of course it also might be the fact that I’ve got a two year old son. I will say that I’ve been forced to be in better shape now just to keep up with him. Some days, it just kills me, though.

Reading glasses at 40, hair rapidly greying during the 40-50 decade. Late 40’s - menopause.

4th and last child at 41 … that made a difference because he was a caesarian and the old body never recovered its pre lastbaby proportions.

But mentally things got better, I finished a degree at 50 and am now doing a post grad degree.

So I guess physically things went downhill but mentally all is well :stuck_out_tongue:

To be quite honest, I didn’t want to be “Fat at Forty” so that’s why I’ve adopted this low carb woe. I love it and it’s doing wonders. It’s that darned exercise that gets ya.

I’ve noticed that I used to be able to just walk casually around the block and drop a pound. Now, I’d have to sprint around that block 50 times to lose and ounce.

Since my kidney stone incident, I’ve modified my diet. Not a huge change, just more natural stuff, less animal protien, and lots of clear liquids. (Bicardi is mostly clear, right?)

I had always thought of stones as something that happened to sedentary, unhealthy people. Now I know better.

I’ve had reading glasses for about 2 yrs now, but usually only needed them when I was tired. Now, I have to use them anytime I read. Did the physical stress of passing the stones change my eyesight? Seems like it.

See, my eyesight changed on me…but it was the physical stress of giving birth. ugh.


im not sure exactly how skin elasticity or muscle building changes with age, tho im sure its not the same as a 20 yr old

but don’t compare yourself to the people at the gymn. you have no idea what their diet is. they could very well be juicing, taking duirects or creatin.

it may not ALL have to do with age!

I’m 43 but didn’t feel old until yesterday … when I went to View > Text and clicked on Larger … and heaved a sigh of relief that indeed I can see the monitor without squinting …


I started jogging at 40, been at it for 28 years. :smiley:

Well maybe at 40 I can start jogging. I dont’ want to start now…I don’t like the feel of all that blubber bouncing around. LOL

Good Lord … and how far have you got?