40 Somethings....

I’m 38, soon to be 39.

If a site has an age board, I typically hang on a 40S board. It’s very different from a 30S board.

My question for the evening is…

When did you notice you were starting to physically fall apart? SWL…

This is for fun of course…

I noticed around 34-35…when I was still tired when I woke up in the morning…


Never gave it much thought until I hit 66, then I began to think I was getting old. But that has been two years ago and I still feel great after my daily 5 mile jog. :smiley:

“daily 5 mile jog”

that’s just sick.


This one looks like an IMHO not a GQ as it doesn’t have a factual answer.

I thought I wasfalling apart at 20 but I realized it was because I stopped playing sports, now I’ve taken up 5-a-side football (soccer) again I feel alot fitter.

Well I picked GQ because I was asking a specific but general question. Besides, there are no age specific boards here. nyah. LOL

lifting my glass of wine to you


I am 74 and this board works for me just fine. I wouldn’t want an age specific board anyway. And, to top it off, I still feel like a young whippersnapper. LOL.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s fine. I was just 'splaining why I posted on this board. lol.

Then how come I feel like 100?

Must be kids…
Must be the childbirth…
Must be marriage…
Must just be lack of alcohol…LMAO

I’m 40.

I still don’t feel old.

My body does, tho…

Well that’s what I mean, NCB.

I feel young and thin…but my body feels old and fat.

It was gradual:

  1. Wanting to sit down in a bar, not hanging on the counter.
  2. Avoiding places with loud music. I’m out with my friends, having a good time. Don’t wanna shout the whole time.
  3. Moms are looking sexy. And young… :eek:
  4. Hangovers last two days.

I think it was 4 years ago.

I am a huge ski freak and loved to live on the blues and blue blacks of Winter Park and Crested Butte. I am also accident prone and known to push the edge. So, I sometimes shot the blacks.

I tore knee ligaments and my right quad muscle on a Winter Park Double Black. Had to be snowmobiled down.

I had a rather lengthy rehab that Winter/Spring. The next year, I wasn’t even good enough for the easier Blues.

That’s when i knew I was getting older and not just gathering years. Sad.

But, I still have plenty of physical fun. It’s just a softer type.

Like a mattress w/a pillow top?



Welcome to the Dope™, Eilsel. You’ll fit in fine.

I’m 45 and the only age-related malady I am experiencing so far is presbyopia, which I actually started developing at age 35. It’s of course painless but I real bitch. I don’t know where anyone got the idea bifocals make you see BETTER.

Age 41 here. I had to get glasses for reading. I hated it! My distance vision is still good. I’ve always had perfect vision. I also have to wear sunglasses now too as my eyes are really sensitive to bright light. Plus I have floaters that are getting worse. :frowning:

On the other hand, I’ve started going back to school. Once I got past the feeling of dread of being around 20-something year old students.

Thanks NCB, I’ve been on ICQ’s 40S board and it’s kind of slow. I like it here :slight_smile:

Now, where did I put my undies?

(the memory is the first thing to go…)

“daily 5 mile jog”

You sound great, physically, but the senility is painfully obvious.

I don’t support running unless something is chasing me.


getting up off the chair is enough exercise for me. LOL

Off to IMHO.

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