42/100 of America beieves we are in End Times

Yes, but a day with the Lord is as a thousand years.

Ooooookaaaaaaaay. Ok, so how old do you believe Earth is? If you take the question to mean that based on the age of the universe do I think we’re nearing the end of human civilization, then I would say yes. You’d have have to be playing devil’s advocate and/or be really annoying though. I think the vast majority of people, when asked that question, will answer it based on the end of human civilization coming in the lifetime of the current generation being required for an affirmative.

Then there’s the Fermi Paradox. If we assume we’re pretty close to being able to colonize the galaxy, but no other intelligence has managed to do so already and we’re destined for the same fate, then maybe we are close to the End Times. For purely non-religious reasons.

Not in the next generation or two, though.

Problem is, I don’t think this figure has been all that different throughout much of American history, and was likely higher in the past. Hal Lindsey, anyone? The 19th century had a rash of preachers claiming to know when the end times would come, whole towns being bamboozled, standing on hills at 12:05pm wondering where Jesus was.

Here. 100,000 people expecting Jesus to return on October 22, 1844: just imagine your joy at seeing significant portions of the American population not only believing in the end-times, but setting an specific date for them! :smiley:


Well, yes. That’s why it’s legal to run a Sunday School, but not to perform human sacrifices at them.

No, a day is a human measurement, not a divine one. A day is a period of 24 hours, not a thousand years. Unless you claim God is on some planet with a thousand year orbit or travelling at relativistic speeds, in which case you worship God the Lawyer, Deity of the Technically True.

Sounds like a day with my Aunt Frieda.

Not so frunny that stat. You get another President like Dubya – if we make it that far, Iran notwithstanding, which I believe he will attack before the end of his term – and it’s rather likely this is the end of times.

Not like you deserve better, surely 95% of the world wouldn’t have followed your lead an chosen an in character, all-American “John Wayne.”
“Introspection,” lok it up if need be.

My commetn, which is in the bible, was meant to be a comment on the “whats taking so long for the end?”
Should’ve used a smilie. Forgive me. :o

Not so funny that stat. You get another President like Dubya – if we make it that far, Iran notwithstanding, which I believe he will attack before the end of his term – and it’s rather likely this is the end of times.

Not like you deserve better, surely 95% of the world wouldn’t have followed your lead and chosen an in character, all-American, “John Wayne,” numbnuts for a President.
“Introspection,” look it up if need be, because it is surely lacking in America today. Some Bible burning – even if by way of dubunking it – is in order too. You’re lagging way behind the civilized world in putting away your supersticions.

Deep breath…

Or maybe it’s like in Star Trek II where they fool Khan into thinking they’re making their move at the wrong time with the “hours are like days” thing.

Another Doper who believes, at least, we MAY be in the End Times.

Reasons to believe-
the restoration of national Israel,
Israel’s retaking of Jerusalem,
global communications & commerce,
the explosion of evangelical Christianity in the global South
& East,
“apocalyptic”-quality weaponry (nuclear, chemical, biological),
the reawakening of the Islamic threat,
and just maybe the gelling of the European Union.

Reasons to doubt-
the existence of a multitude of nations & tribes still unreached by the Gospel,
the distinct possibility that God has a lot of work for the Christian Church to do
in the world (which could well involve the spiritual restoration of Israel as
they recognize Jesus as Lord & Messiah),
the quite reasonable view that the “End Times” were 30-70 AD when the
Old Covenant was concluded while the New Covenant was launching into the world.

How wonderfully insensitive and patronizing. I’m glad nobody is trying to ‘restore’ my spirituality. Or, who knows, maybe they are since I’m a Jew and as we all know I’m supposed to recognize Yosuha ben Yoseph as my “Lord and Messiah.”

But if it fills some void in you, I guess you should just go on believing that your personal fairy tale is somehow better than all the others now and through history, and that accepting it means that one has achieved “spiritual restoration.”

You’re as bad as der trihs.

The Christian school I attended strongly believed we were in the End Times. (Just like every generation before them.) I remember that our principal once told us in chapel that it was unlikely any of us would be here long enough to have kids of our own-- the Rapture would almost certainly happen before then.

At some point in the mid-80s there was an upswing in the whole end-times thing. A friend of mine got yanked out of school to go pray for days and days and days. I never saw her again. I think it had to do with Halley’s comet.

You know, when I read some of the crap these morons believe, I almost wish we were in End Times, so they’d just be raptured and the rest of us wouldn’t have to deal with them.

Am I the only one who is flashing back to the opening scene from a Six Feet Under episode in Season 2? The one where the über-Christian woman sees a bunch of helium-filled dolls rising into the air from an unseen truck and assumes that it’s the Rapture, jumps out of her car and yells “Take me, Jesus!” just before she gets creamed by a bus?

They were blow-up sex dolls.
In the Sightings section they mention it was a June 2004 episode. I remember that one; it was pretty funny.

Maybe she was raptured… by Halley’s Comet.

If there happens to be someone who believes this and uses his influence to try to bring about the end times, wouldn’t that be a terrorist act? Flying planes into buildings is terrorist amateur hour compared to bringing about the end of the world.