Don't worry about the planet, God is going to wreck this shit anyway

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On some level I understand that a significant minority of people think global warming is a big hoax, so I’m not sure why this enrages me so much. Maybe because it feeds into the end times circle jerk that all the hardcore Christians in this country are getting excited over. They just can’t wait until Jesus comes back so they can gloat over all of us on our way to hell.

When I see the numbers for these sorts of things, it always seems so incomprehensible to me. I realize that I try to surround myself with non-retards, so using people I talk to as a representative sample, I assume that such retarded views are held by a tiny crazy minority we can all point at and laugh. But then you realize they’re not a tiny minority at all. It’s more than a fucking third of them.

Actually, maybe this number is surprisingly low. After all, this isn’t a sample of the general population, but of religious people, who are more likely almost by definition to believe dumb shit.

So why bother even saving this planet that God put here for us? Maybe we’d be thwarting his will! If he’s giving us hurricanes to punish us for gay marriage and the female orgasm and the existance of roombas or whatever the fuck has generated his ire, we dare not try to change that. Enjoy our new extreme weather - and be comforted that it’s almost time for us to look down upon all those filthy heathens that will suffer eternal torture. Oh man it’ll be great. Fuck this planet. LET’S DO THIS SHIT, GOD.

I was raised fundamentalist Christian, and I’m being quite serious when I say I am afraid that there are great numbers of evangelicals who may simply have to be killed so they can’t vote anymore–so the planet can survive.

I have thought one variation or another of this off and on since childhood.

Scary, scary thinking. They can seem really nice, and then you realize they’re basically the worse version of Cthulhu cultists, because they don’t have the good grace to break out the twisty knives and sacrifice themselves to their dark god first. Oh, no, they’ll wreck the whole planet, while soothing that it’s OK, because Geezus.

Seriously. Kill them off, or we all get to enjoy total environmental collapse.

A while back I started hearing about “Dominionists” who want a Calvinist revolution or something, and a lot of people are scared.

But, see, those guys are a step up from the fundies I knew growing up, back in the Cold War when Pat Robertson was pushing the idea of nuclear Armageddon. Dominionists at least want to live in this world so they can rule it with an iron fist. The Apocalyptics don’t give a crap about physical reality, because everything is a “passing vapor” to be “destroyed in nuclear fire.” But they still vote.


Hurricanes and floods happen during all stages of a climate change cycle (assuming there’s such a thing.)

As to your question “should we even care?” It seems we have work to do, just as God does.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but read it again. It is a survey of the general population, not just self-identified religious people.

My bad. Well the fuck everyone.

It seems sort of a weird dichotomy for a poll for non-religious people to have the 2 options be “end times” vs “global warming” - what would a non-religious or non-end timer religious person say if they didn’t believe in global warming?

I’m non-religious, non-end timer. Seen so many hurricanes and floods in my time. You are asking what scientists and regulators, people in the know, should do given only those two possibilities. The answer can already be found in some dusty filing cabinet in the interior department, or Pentagon, or Governor’s mansion.

Conspiracy by scientists to get more money for … science.

Non-religious, just continue to practice the religion (I’m in the same boat actually).

No need to worry, according to Matthew and Mark, Jesus is quoted as saying, he would return in his father’s glory before some of the people standing there listening to him would still be alive…it didn’t happen; and there are no 2,000 year old people still walking the earth. some say it was the ressurection, but that was not in his father’s glory or with no angels, some say that when Jesus was spotted at the Transfigureartion, but there were no angels then, nor his father’s glory. I would think that would have been written about had it happened.

But according to Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks is quoted as saying you’re wrong.

Video of actual religious nut expressing his views on the approaching apocolypse. :rolleyes:

Why yes, of course and they are infallible. :o)

I stopped reading when I saw who did the survey.

According to both Matthew and Mark Jeus said the world would end in that generation, when asked about the end of the world, Jesus is quoted as saying the sun would not give it’s light, the moon would turn to blood and the atars would fall,(in a sense the stars (as I understand it) are always in a state of falling.Some say the word generation didn’t mean generation as we think of it, but Matthew uses the same word when he wrote that there was 14 generations between David and Jesus. It is as I see it a belief in the writer not that the writer had anymore knowledge then, than we do now!

Oh, it’s not a big deal. It’s just another pool reaffirming that tons of Americans are religious nuts who believe in the Apocalypse and a bunch of other bullshit. Disappointing as it is, it’s nothing new or or even surprising.

So Jesus knew about the Mayan calendar and that we have only a couple of days left?

Jesus didn seem to know the end of the world anymore than we do. The Mayan’s calendar is different than our calender, their calendar is more on the idea of our car odometer, goes so many years, then restarts,just an end of an era. I have heard people who have studied the Mayan people and has talked to Mayans that still live in S America and they didn’t expect the end of the world.

It would seem that there will always be people who will predict the end of the world, and have predicted it off and on for many generations. I have also heard on the History Channel that Nostradamas also predicted today as the final day on earth. having read most of Nostradamas’s writings, one can make use of his wiritngs any way they want, some say he wrote about Hitler, I would imagine because he said Heister, if that wre the case he would have used the name Hitler. To me it is just jibberish and can be translated to mean anything one wants to believe!

Perhaps if there were some way to convince them that today is the Rapture, but it’s not quite like they were expecting, to get into Heaven they have to, ermm, do it themselves . . . God’s will . . .

Well, there is one . . .