We may truly be experiencing the end times.

All the turmoil with the weather, climate change, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, un-ending wars, new wars starting, Conspiracy theorists and end times believers may just be right.

We could truly be experiencing those things talked about in the Bible.:confused:

I think you could probably go back to almost any time in man’s history since the books of the bible were recorded and find similarly distressing elements affecting our quality of life and our perception of it. Perhaps what we’re seeing now isn’t new but just a morphed iteration of things present in the past.

Natural disasters will always happen. It’s just with the media today, you can hear about a tsunami in Thailand when it happens. If we were living in the 1500s, you might never hear about it. Imagine living in England at that time; no stories of tsumanis, no earthquakes in America, maybe a random volcanic eruption in Italy might make the stories, but most people would never hear of it. Now, we know about all of those acts of God. It’s not that they’re happening more.*

*haven’t had time to look up statistics to back that up, it’s an educated opinion. Really gotta to go to work now!

It’s not the end times, now stop gibbering under the blankets.

To back up lieu and Serenata67, check out The Pessimists’ Guide to History. In addition to the fact that bad shit happens all the time, “prophets” have been predicting the imminent destruction of the world throughout history. It’s like the only time they’re not going Chicken Little on the general public is when a civilization is on its way to collapse.

I will say there are two reasons to think we may be near the End Times- the restoration of Israel and the globalization of everything. BUT there are at least six billion reasons for God to hold off- those people who don’t yet know Christ. I used to be a Rapturist. Now I’m just committed to believe in the Lordship of Jesus over the world, the flesh & the devil- how that works out in the Final Conflict I don’t know.

BUT I will also say- every day is The Last Day for lots of people, so keep watch for either Christ may come at a time you think not or you may go to Christ at a time you think not.

Now turn in your hymnals to page… G

Honestly, I sometimes think that believing in the end times is just a tactic people use to avoid responsibility for their part in the future. World going to end? Then I don’t have to clean up my garbage, fight injustice, or pay my bills.

At other times, I think it’s a way to remain suspended in fear.

Either way, it never seemed healthy to me. I can watch a disaster movie and have as much fun as anyone else, but then I set it aside and get back to work on making things better. And improving myself.

Nice whoosh. Or true crackpottery. Either way, very entertaining.

In my opinion, the belief in an end-time is a form of wish fulfillment.
It can be quite dangerous when the believer is in a position of responsibility.

Nahh, not even close to the End Times, that’s just crazy talk…

Now, the Zombie Uprising/Apocalypse™, OTOH, THAT is real, and is coming soon, hope you’re all prepared, remember the Rules to Survive…

I’m good then.

Except for that pesky cardiovascular thing…

Thanks! I clicked on the Buy It Now icon pretty much automatically - that looks fascinating.

And to quote Buffalo Springfield:

The Earth doesn’t end. It’s pure human arrogance to think that it will anytime before the Sun fritzes out.

Gosh, wouldn’t it be so much easier if it just ended and we didn’t have to deal with all the scary crap in the future?

hums and taps foot
looks at watch
more crickets
(You do know that St. Paul thought that the end of times was going to be in his life time, right? Like other millenarismists, he kind of had to adjust his expectations).

The bible is bullshit and lies. If you choose to believe them, that is up to you.

The only “end time” that will occur is when our sun finally expands and consumes our planet, and that’s not gonna happen any time in the near future.

Well, there’s that whole asteroid/meteor strike wild card thingy to worry about, so it’s not like we can’t maintain our level of hysteria.

The Bible doesn’t actually describe any “endtimes” scenario anyway. The stuff in Revelation is all about ancient Rome, not about the distant future (relative to the tim of authorship).
Not that I think Biblcal prophecy means anything, but for what it’s worth, Jesus says in the Gospels that when the end actually happens, you won’t see it coming.

So Tim wrote Revelation, but his relative John took the credit?

Yes, he wrote it, when he wasn’t busy being an Enchanter…

There are those that call him…?Tim?