$43,000 Convertible Pickup "truck"

What about the Toyota LC 90 Arctic Truck? Unfortunately, the only link I could find is to a Norwegian website, but the pics are telling a story that should interest you.
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enipla, I’m with you on the ground clearance thing, and agree that the Grand Cherokee seems to be the best SUV in that regard. However, looking over your requirements, I don’t really understand why you’re focusing on SUVs. It seems to me you’d be better off with a 4x4 truck like a Ford F-150 or a Toyota Tundra, and put a cap on the back to keep your stuff dry. You can always remove the cap if you need to haul something over-sized. Those full-sized trucks can be ordered with V8s with plenty of power, and even with a top-of-the-line fiberglass cap they are going to be a whole lot cheaper than the SUVs being mentioned here, if you stick to the basic cab models. Just my $.02 worth.

Mayfield -

Yep, I’m real close to just getting a truck. Thing is, I do like the SUV. Especially for our dog.

I do own a truck. It never hits the pavement these days, I use it for plowing our drive. Years ago, it was my daily driver. I put many miles on jeep roads in that thing.

The Gaspode -

LC 90? Looks pretty good. Some sort of beefed up Land Cruiser is it? The regular Land Cruiser is $55,000.

I’ve been wondering about this. Seems you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Any other opinions about Land Rover?

Jeep looks to be coming out with a real off road vehicle, the Rescue. But um, it’s a bit over the top. And I’m sure they are going to want a pretty penny for it.

And this from the Jeep web site -
“Under- chassis, point-of-view cameras for avoiding danger in its path”
Just makes me snicker. Lets put fragile, mud, water and light sensitive equipment under a 4x4.

Jeep engineer - “I really don’t think that’s such a good Idea”
Marketing - “But just think what we can charge for it!”

Ah yes, the dog. I totally understand.


I once traded in a perfectly good Jeep Cherokee less than a year old and with less than 15K miles, because my old dog (now passed on to the land of eternal pig’s ears for breakfast) couldn’t climb up in the back. Probably wasted at least $5k on the depreciation.


Maybe an SUV would be better, then. I just get disgusted with the price tags they put on those things (those must be pretty fancy cupholders they sprinkle around the interior), and the way the insurance agent smiles and rubs his hands together when he sees you drive up to renew your policy. For what it’s worth, my last truck was a Ford F-150 with the 4-door Extended Cab or Crew Cab or whatever, and there was plenty of room in the cab for me, my ex-wife, and 160 pounds of Weimaraner. Anyway, good luck with the search.

Perhaps a UNIMOG would meet your needs?

**MayField - ** Yep, the Dog is a family member. Sorry about your loss. We lost our beautiful Lab a year ago. The Border Collie ‘Rozee’, is our new family member.

**Emilio- **I’ve looked and UniMogs and Pinzgaures. Not for a daily driver but to mount a plow on.

The County I live in was threatening to remove all plowinig services on secondary roads. I don’t know what the hell they where thinking. Emergency Services, Police, Fire would not be able to get to half the people here. Maybe they where looking for a reaction from the public. They got one.

I just checked Toyota’s webpage in the US and it seems as if they only sell the plush luxury SUV, called LAndcruiser. To bad, because they’re very good trucks. Google for Landcruiser 70, LC 75, LC 78, and you will find some realy nice trucks. Maybe they’re around used, if you’re not set on a brand new car.
The Landcruiser in the US is marketed here as the Landcruiser 110. The 90 is more of a working vehicle, but maybe judged to be too puny for the US, having only a 3L V6.

I found them on Toyota’s website in Australia

What about an F-150 with a 6 inch lift and 35 inch off-road tires? Would not cost as much as an SUV overall. You could cap it, as others have said, and still keep the price down. You could even put a snorkel on the side for those extra deep 6 foot snows. With a V8 you would have quite a truck I would say!

Kinda like this

Have you considered the new redesigned Toyota 4Runner? Consumer Reports rated the new 4Runner as the best SUV for people who actually intend to take their vehicle off-road.

I recently replaced my '97 Nissan Pathfinder with a 2004 Toyota 4Runner, and I absolutely love it. Good ground clearance, good towing capability (and comes with a factory-installed hitch), 4-wheel drive (including low-range), and very reliable.

I considered a new Pathfinder but found that the new Pathfinders handled pretty much like my old one–in a word, lousy. I always felt uneasy going around curves. The 4Runner feels far more stable.

I’ve made do with a V6 for about 8 years. I’m tired of it. I don’t really care if its a 6 or an 8 as long as it has enough power. From what I have seen and driven, that means a V8. We live at 11,200 feet, the altitude makes a difference.

**Zebra- **I have thought about another truck. I don’t need that much lift though. My current truck has 10.5 x 32 tires. Chained. I never bother taking the chains off since summer is so short and winter is so long.

Don’t need the snorkle. Yet. Though I did have snow come over the hood on an '84 CJ7. It was pretty deep, and I sort of made a wave of it in front of the car.
That was right before I got stuck and chained up. I remember it well, April 19th, the day of the Oklahoma bombing.

It looks the Jeep Grand is going to independent suspension and some sort of uni-body in '05.

robby- The 4 runner does look pretty good. I’ll check it out.

Then again, I’m having to use Shaolin level discipline not to trade in my beat up old Stang (along with most of my life savings) to buy one of the 2005 ponies, cause sweet Jeebus they look nice.QUOTE]

Speaking of amazing new Fords, have you seen the new GT (not Mustang, but GT like GT 40).I caught one at a car show and almost swallowed my tounge. :smiley:

Just saw the typo in my last post so one more time. :smack:

Speaking of amazing new Fords, have you seen the new GT (not Mustang, but GT like GT 40).I caught one at a car show and almost swallowed my tounge. :smiley:

Oh yes. But even after selling my organs on the black market and using the money to start a heroin empire, I still couldn’t afford one of those. I could afford a Mustang, in the sense of I could trade all my worldly goods and savings for one, but I’d be kicking myself for years.

Generally, they strip those off, but I know where you can get the parts (along with the gun, but it’ll cost ya! :wink: ).