$43,000 Convertible Pickup "truck"

The Chevy SSR.

I really don’t give a damn what other peoply do with there money. Whatever floats your boat.

I just would like to be able to buy the type of vehicle I need.

I own a '93 Pathfinder and a '76 Chevy 4x4 pick-up. I’m going to have to replace the Pathfinder in a few years. Right now, looks like my Wife will get the new SUV and I’ll drive her '02 Grand Cherokee. Works out pretty good, since I do most the hauling and we try to keep my Wifes car clean for trips.

Out of the hundreds or thousands of models of cars out there, only two come close to fitting my needs. Two. Land Rover Discovery, or Jeep Grand Cherokee.

And the Land Rover bugs me because it has a rear door instead of a hatch.

There are some interesting designs and ideas out there, but most new SUV’s/trucks are bullshit.

Ehh… There are others. I don’t like any of the Chevy or Ford Models. I want solid axles if I can. And a V8 in a mid-sized SUV.

Shit. Seems the longer I wait, the less options I have.

That SSR is the coolest trar or cruck ever produced.

Have you thought about a Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero?

Good off-road capabilities, nice interior, and a heating system that’s second to none!

(note: although the linked article only mentions one incident, this is something like the fourth in just two weeks.

Kid - like I said, whatever floats your boat. Cool don’t cut it with me. Practicality does.

Dig it? :wink:

Sublight - I’ll look at the Mitsubishi again. I’ve had great luck with my Nissan, but I really need another 100hp or so.

It was sort of an off the wall rant that has been itching at me for a few years.

Actually, my recommendation was more of a backhanded insult toward Mitsubishi. I don’t know if the news has gotten out in the States, but they’re in deep shit in Japan, since it recently came out that they’ve been covering up major mechanical faults (things that have gotten people killed) in 17 different models (including the Montero) in order to avoid doing a recall.

It’s gotten out, but I don’t think people were listening.

How about the VW …thingmabob that my brain has shut down for? Little gimmicky, but I understand it’s quite nice for off roading. After that, I’d look at the Grand Cherokee. But… heck. Tell us about your specific needs, and let’s see what we can put together? The SSR’s a good looking piece of junk, though.

I’d love to be able to buy one of them! I wouldn’t, of course, but I’d like to be able to.

Touareg. Or Toerag.

Agreed. I also have to laugh at people who spend 50 grand on “sport” trucks that have all the sportiness of a Civic and all the hauling capacity of a bike. And the people who buy the four door megacab trucks with a two foot bed instead of buying a sedan, having a comfy and efficient vehicle, and not getting their shit wet when it rains. But it is a pain in the ass when you’re thinking about buying a truck and that’s all you can find on the lot.

Then again, I’m having to use Shaolin level discipline not to trade in my beat up old Stang (along with most of my life savings) to buy one of the 2005 ponies, cause sweet Jeebus they look nice. But I would be pissed at myself for years. If only the RX8 hadn’t had such dissapointing output.

Yep, I’ve noticed the VW Tourreg . Seems to have a lot I would like. But also a lot of stuff that I could break. And, it’s $43,000.

I’m not shopping yet but the Tourreg looks big on the outside and small on the inside.

I just brought home 2-2x6 10’ lumber. I had to open the back window and away I went. That’s in my old Pathfinder.

Thanks, I wasn’t really asking as much as bitching, but here goes.

My Wife and I live at 11,200 feet in the Colorado Rockies. I drive over the continental divide to get to work. I regularly have to deal with 1 foot of snow on my way to work. I need a vehicle that can handle 2 feet. My Pathfinder and the Grand does.

I need -

  • 4x4 and low range 4x4
  • Good ground clearance
  • Towing up to about 5,000lb
  • Something that fits me, I’m 6’4
  • A vehicle that is good for hauling stuff. Every one needs stuff. I’m building an addition on our house so I’m always hauling something around.
  • A vehicle that is good for hauling our brand new Border Collie (she is wonderful)
  • A vehicle that works good for pulling out other vehicles out when they are stuck.

That’s a start.
I would like it to be under $35,000 and get 20 mpg highway. The Grand Jeep does it. We may end up with two of them. Great car.

My ’76 truck is for plowing only (just our drive way). Recently, the County was considering not plowing our roads. I started looking into used UNI-MOGs for a plow truck at that time. My old pick-up just can’t do the whole road.

Basically, the only thing I don’t need a vehical to do is float.

Heck, with what you need, I’d look for a decommissioned Humvee. It seems to meet all of your requirements, plus it has a gun ring! :wink:

I spend quite a bit of time in the country, so I prefer having a pickup…Bust a basic single cab one.

The last time I went to get I truck, last year, I had a hard time finding a dealer that accepted that I just wanted a plain regular pick-up for carrying wood and hauling trash (I help clean up illegal dump-sites).

I just don’t get extended cab pick-ups. If you just need to carry three kids and groceries, get a damn van.

And most people I see these days driving “sport” pick-ups have never worked a day outside in their lives.

enipla: Sounds to me like you’re just looking for a full-size SUV. The Cherokee would fit the bill, but there are tons of models. Ford Explorer, Excursion and Expedition, Dodge Durango, Cadillac Escalade and SRX, Chevy Suburban, Lincoln Navigator, Toyota Sequioa, Nissan Armada…

Yes Sam. But have you seen how bad the ground clearance is on those vehicles?

Next time your behind a new Ford Explorer look at the ground clearance. That silly roll over/firestone stuff has taken the U out of just about every SUV.

I liked the Durango until it went IFS. I need a car that I, at 6’4" and 210lbs can crawl under.

:smiley: That gives me an idea.

So you’re looking for a seriously hardcore off-road vehicle? In the budget range you mentioned, I’d probably go for the Grand Cherokee too.

Yeah, the Grand seems to be the only thing that fits. We may end up with two of them.

Ehhh. Not too much serious off-roading, but we do beat on them. Nothing gets as stuck as a 4x4. And you need another one to get it out. Mostly deep snow for us.

Now that I think about it, nothing gets as stuck as a stuck Bull-Dozer.

My brother stuck a D4 Cat in my yard. We do know all about all kinds of stuck . That was the longest, hardest day I have every faced, after 12 hours we freed it. My brother swamped it in a peat/pine bog. And of course, it started snowing. If you want to know how to unstick 11 tons of stuck dozer in freezing weather, let me know. I’ll write it up.

My Pathfinder is pushing 180,000 miles. One window rattles a bit, and the stock radio ain’t the best, but it has always got me home. Always.

I was in DC a couple of weeks ago and rented a Merc Grand Marquise. Nice car. It would last maybe 6 months where I live. But it was fun to drive.

I guess it spoiled me a bit.

The Honda Element is the best-designed SUV I’ve seen. The inside is, well… it’s actually practical and very roomy. The only downside is the small engine; at the very least it needs a 6 cylinder.

Ugly? Possibly. But practicality beats ugliness with its own stick every time. :slight_smile:

I have to agree about the Element. Very good interior. Horrible exterior and mechanicals, and the plastic bits keep falling off, according to the research.

Brand shiny new review of the full-sized. The Armada has the ground clearance… but I’m not fond of their reliability since they were bought by Renault. And parts… $$$. Durango’s not got the clearance. I like the Expedition. Especially as I prefer cloth seats.

Probably can get a decent rebate on it, too.

I think the Honda Element is a great idea. Put a V6 in it and you got something. Still to small for me though I think.

My Wife had a Suzuki Sidekick that served her well. Good off road or in deep snow. It wasn’t very comfortable though. Sort of like riding around in a snare drum.

The Grand Jeep or the LR Discovery seems to be the choice for me. We need the utility/ability of a good mid-sized 4x4 SUV.

No! No Land Rover! Worst average quality of all the European and American manufacturers. By MILES.

Er, fyi, my father does that sort of stuff for a living. I’ve learned a lot of things. One of them is Land Rover… bad idea.