44 Morphing Presidents...Pretty Cool!

Used the wrong song. Should have gone with the Nails.

The McKinley morph seemed pretty creepy to me, the way the face moved. Moreso than the one to Nixon.

mmmm, mmm-mm-mm-mm-mmmm-mmmm

Damn, Grover Cleveland was one fugly bastard!!! Damn. And that was a really unflattering painting of Ike, amiright?

Jimmy Carter was the first one to smile.

Change* can *happen.

I like Ike.

Carter was also the first photograph.

Saying “Cheese” while you get your portrait painted probably gets tiring after the first 90 minutes.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

In my opinion the worst transition was McKinley to Teddy Roosevelt.

But what I really enjoyed was seeing Andrew Jackson’s head inflate like a puffer fish to form Martin Van Buren.

That’s exactly what I thought. I had to wiki him to check his age during the years he served.

Actually, many of the mutant intermediates are absolute foxes. I think it has to do with the appeal of an averaged face. That said, the Franklin Pierce sequence is a veritable epicenter of hotness. He can create an intermediate morph with me any time.

Grover Cleveland, on the other hand, should have had his portraitist assassinated. He looks like a greasy mound of steaming Spam. I wonder why the video didn’t use his official portrait.

I thought the exact same thing! I literally jumped of my chair a bit- that was fucking creepy!

His hair changed colors repeatedly during the campaign. I can honestly say I’m surprised the media didn’t latch on to his hair dying habits.

The man clearly colors his hair: one day on the trail it’d be grayish, the next it’d be rich dark dark brown, and a few weeks later it’d be make to grayish.

I couldn’t help thinking about that *Twilight Zone *episode in which the man held captive by the monks is released . . . and morphs into the devil.

Eisenhower kind of looks like Red Forman from That 70’s Show.

Would that mean when he was pissed at Nixon, he called him a “dumbass?”

Nixon’s (3:07) appears to be a photograph. So it must have been one hell of a portrait.