44 Morphing Presidents...Pretty Cool!

Someone clearly has a lot of time on their hands! Check out the morph between Ford and Carter…it’s really the only one that isn’t exactly “seamless”!

(links to video)


I never realized Franklin Pierce moonlighted as lead singer for an emo band.

Interesting how the progression of facial hair is very consistent.

Thats because they went from paintings (Ford) to photographs (Carter)

Well, not really. Collecting 44 pics and passing them through a morphing program may take twenty minutes or something.

Judging by the 50/50 frame, Man, Clinton and W’s love child would be an ugly SOB.

Until now, I didn’t realize that presidents 25 - 33 all have double letters in either their first or last names. Also 3 consecutive presidents had double O’s in their last names (as the 2nd and 3rd letters): Coolidge, Hoover and Roosevelt.

Forgive me, but that was a pretty young-looking Millard Fillmore.

Holy Testaclese Batman, James Polk looked like an evil son of a bitch.

To me it was more the teeth than anything…it just kind of leapt out at me!

Seeing LBJ morph into Dick Nixon was damned creepy. It looked like Nixon was turning to look at me and I was wishing I had a crucifix or holy water for a moment.

Previously I’d say Monroe was probably the ugliest President based on his Fagan portrait, but now I’m not sure. Andrew Jackson has Alfalfa hair, and I think that’s about the nicest thing anybody can say about him. John Tyler’s hair appears to be sliding off the back of his head, and Van Buren looks like Ed Koch dressed up as a Sherlock Holmes character. I could go on- it’s amazing the Bushes got as far as they did with the smiles they have. Bush the elder has an awful half-wink, my pointy head is melting thing going on, and W. Bush is already doing that smarmy smirk thing we’ve all come to know and loathe.

Hayes takes the cake, though. (Takes whatever cake Taft didn’t eat, I mean.) Those sideburns are so ridiculous the rest of his head might as well be invisible. When he woke up in the morning he must’ve looked like a porcupine was chasing a brillo pad across his face.

Half way between Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan is clearly the 5th Doctor Who.

I don’t know, Chester Arthur’s hair is pretty crazy-looking too!

:smack: I actually meant Arthur. That’s how interchangeable these caretaker presidents are, facial hair aside.

I just never knew the mullet was that old a hairstyle.

Polk reminded me of Draco Malfoy, a young, aspiring evil son of a bitch.

Martin Van Buren is Professor Flitwick after a slight haircut.

I’ve seen Andrew Johnson’s hairstyle on a number of women.

What I find interesting is that basically only the mid to late 1800’s presidents actually even had facial hair. I suppose I assumed that more of the earlier presidents had some too (other than JQA), but, not having seen many of their portraits in years and all…

And it never ceases to amaze me how much the presidency ages people. Look at that picture of GWB…and look at him now. 8 years looks like two decades on the man, probably because of all the really hard thinking he had to do (to form sentences).

Hmm, I never realized until now that some of those presidents were absolute FOXES! Ulysses S. Grant in particular…

I’ve waffled on this topic myself. (CNN has an article about it today, but it’s useless.) While Presidents have a lot of stress and work long hours at an intense job, they also are at a point in their lives where aging is noticeable. Clinton and W. Bush took the job at 46 and 54. It is surprising their hair got grayer over the next eight years?

On the other hand Obama’s hair has gotten noticeably grayer since he started campaigning, so who knows.