450 Naked Women

450 naked women and this is the best picture you can get? I was hoping there would finally be a picture of naked women on the internet. Come on people it is art.



If you can’t find naked women on the internet, you don’t own a computer. I get them emailed to me completely unsolicited fer chrissakes.

Whoa, Hydro, you must not be lookin hard enough. I second Q.E.D in that I get invitations to see them daily. :wink:

I think some folks need to adjust their sarcasm detectors.

i want to know why i wasn’t invited :slight_smile:

[checks zipper]

Mine’s working!

Still, he has a point -450 Naked Women is a beautiful thing, and that picture doesn’t capture the true grander of it.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I had the same thought. You know this is news. Any other pursuit for pictures of nekkid women means you are actively surfing for porn. I would love to have CNN deliver the nudity to me in a way that preserves plausible deniability. My boss can’t possibly complain that I was reading the news on my work computer.

Mine’s unemployed. :frowning:

I know news when I see it.


Eye no news when you sea it, will ya?

Though I enjoy your word morphing wit, I was playing on the famous “I know porn when I see it” line.

Top it.

I dare ya.

Top it

Top it

Top it

That floor is probably cold…

why couldn’t they have rounded up another 50…?

500 Naked Women has a more imposing air.

With a yarmukle?

;j ;j

Negative 450 women? Damn. I’ve heard of sausage parties, but that’s really something!

Spencer Tunik! I love him :). Everyone should check out “Naked States” the documentary of his project to photgraph naked people in all 50 states. That guy knows how to live.

You do realize that that is not Tunik’s picture in the article?

See above.