Pictures at 11!!!

50 women in California stage a nude “Peace Protest”


They’re concerned that war with Irag is imminent, so they took off their clothes in the rain.

Well, I’m convinced. Call off the war before more women take their clothes off.

Personally, I find running around naked in the rain pretty empowering, too.:rolleyes:

Wow what a great way to stop a war.

Its a great way to draw attention to your campaign.

Sex sells.

Maybe I’m a crude and superficial person, but my attitude to this totally changed when I read this bit:-

It’s astonishing how few naked 72-year-olds figure in my sexual fantasies.

Point taken, but they couldn’t have all been old saggys, could they?

Sure why not?

Somebody been reading Lysistrata again? No, wait. In that case they wouldn’t take off their clothes at all.

Not that it’ll do any good of course, but if they feel better for it, fine.

I just wish the word “empowering” would go away.

Well, you NOTICED them didn’t you? That was the whole point, they drew attention to their cause and each got a chance to commune with her inner exhibitionist.

I found the picture on another site, and in case anybody was wondering, it’s not the kind of picture people should be linking to from the SDMB. Or viewing whilst at work. And no, they weren’t all saggy.

Taking a page from the Doukhobors, maybe? (Some nudity in the link, but probably safe for work. YMMV.)

Note-- I found this by accident while looking for an appropriate Doukhobor link. When I was fifteen, I was desperately and hopelessly in love with the daughter of one of the authors-- A combat-boot-wearin’, buzzcut-sportin’ siren.

Shit, they do that every year at UC Santa Cruz’s Porter College. We* don’t need no steenking war!

*-Technically, “They,” as I don’t go there, but then the parody is lost, and I’m not that creative.

But it doesn’t convince. The 8 people I’ve told about this said “Whadda buncha bimbos. Got pictures?” or words to that effect.


And the eight people I told about Bad Andy all thought it was stupid, but they know it was from the fine people at Domino’s Pizza.

If I stand in my back yard and announce to the squirrels that I don’t like war … nobody would pick up on it. A bunch of naked people in public shouting the same thing will get noticed.

It’s like Lennon and Ono in the early 70’s all the crazy shit they did, they knew they were looked on as fools by some people. But if they were fool’s for peace, that was good enough.