Stupid anti-war protesters.

Stupid fucking anti-war protesters.

What kind of image does it paint for our men and women out there? They need our full support. You and your self-rightous bullshit. Take a look at the bigger picture. The war has begun. You don’t stop a war midway. The least you can do is shut the fuck up for a month and then you can feel free to bash Bush’s desicion, but at least have the common decency.

Why not?

Dear Saddam:

We weren’t really going to go through with it. We thought you would have backed down by now. Boy are our faces red.

We’ll leave you alone now. Is there any way we can keep this between us?

The Coalition


These “peace advocates” should try protesting some real human rights violations, such as the Hussein practice of killing people by shoving them into giant plastic-shredding machines. Or maybe they can protest against the Chinese invasion of Tibet and destruction of centuries-old monasteries there. Or perhaps march demanding the return of the Panchen Lama. Try doing that in, say, Beijing.

BTW, the first town entered by the Marines had a nice welcome – check out this story for starters.

You know what? Fuck you. I’m fucking sick of hearing people say that I’m not supporting the troops because I don’t support Bush’s war.

These soldiers are probably just like me (well…maybe not just like me), and they’d much rather be here than there. Hell, I’d rather they were here than there. Since they’re there, I hope all of them stay safe and their trip turns out to be like a nice vacation. (It already hasn’t for some, but that is not at issue in this thread.)

But that does NOT fucking mean that I’m just going to roll over and swallow my distaste for Bush’s actions. And you can go fuck yourself with something rusty.

Sigh, how predictable. Our maniacal leader goes through with a war that no one wants, that has not been justified, and now those of us that are against it are supposed to shut up about it.

I guess that the most eloquent thing that I can tell you is this: NO. I will not be silenced.

Hell, I don’t care if a majority of US citizens do want it, according to the polls. People still get to express their opinion about this war regardless, and they’re not unpatriotic, Saddam-loving (or Osama-loving, or whatever), or any of the other insults you care to throw at them if they do so. Maybe some protesters out there think that our troops are having their lives risked for something that’s not worth it.

I support our troops wholeheartedly. I’m sending out care packages to soldiers I don’t even know via USO, and writing notes of support to them. I don’t think they’d consider it “support” when you tell other Americans that they shouldn’t exercise one of the freedoms that those troops are sworn to help defend.

I hope they come back soon.

I think I’ll stay out of this one. :smiley:

I am opposed to the war. I support our troops (I have several friends and family members who have been called up). Those are not mutually exclusive statements.

For clarity’s sake - I agree that people have the right to protest under any circumstances. I don’t agree with the methods they are using in many cases in the last couple of days, but it’s their right to be out there. My post before was merely a rebuttal to The Great Unwashed’s reply.

Because that’s unorganised, duh. :rolleyes:

I wont support something that I don’t agree with, whether it lowers morale or not.

Disreard, I was thinking about something else, and since theres no edit…

OK, Sinful sez that expressions of dissent with the war should not be permitted at this time, claiming this position for no other reason than that protests do not show sufficient support for our “men and women out there”, not because they might run counter to Sinful’s personal beliefs as to the rightness of the war.

Why don’t I believe him/her?

Before I discuss my attitude toward China’s policies in Tibet, I’d like to hear what actions MLS feels should be taken by the US against China in this regard.

I don’t know what actions the US should take against China. It’s a real problem. I don’t know what would be effective without causing greater problems in other ways. But it’s a dam shame what’s happening there and you see dam few people marching in the streets about it.

I just think it’s, well, odd that people are protesting against the U.S. and not against Saddam Hussein, China, and other governments that do horrible things. Just looking for sincerity and consistency, that’s all.

I agree with other posters that people in free countries certainly have the right to protest peacefully. I also agree that it’s not a good idea to do right now. See the difference? The U.S. and other countries that allow free speech should not suppress the words. They must of course suppress actions that are harmful to people or property. But IMHO the protesters are protesting the wrong things.


Please show me where Sinful said that these should not be permitted?

Just because someone has the right to do something doesn’t mean they should.

I’m guessing he meant to direct that towards MLS.

Er… “no one wants”? Polls seem to suggest that this statement is not true.

Of course, just because a majority of the country is in favor of armed action does not mean you should be, too… but it does mean you should stop using hyperbole that’s patently untrue.

OK, I’ll get right out on the street and protest China, just as soon as you tell me what I should put on the sign. Some suggestions:

“Hey China, just stop it, mmmKay?”

“Hell no, we won’t go. Er, to Peking.”

“No blood for rice.”

Really, how would one go about protesting China? Or Saddam?

Exactly the same way you protest the actions of U.S. government. Start by blocking rush hour traffic in whatever city you live in. Then wave some signs around, scream, and get yourself worked up into a frenzy. I shouldn’t have to tell you all this. That is Protesting 101.

I assure you that it will have exactly the same effect as when you protest issues closer to home.