How quickly we forget (antiwar protesters)

It is a bunch of crap to hold people who are upset at all the antiwar people as pro-war. Who IS pro-war?

Are we gonna wait until Saddam has the time to help the real hateful bunch to mount another attack on the US?

It is NOT as simple as Anti/Pro or the President revenging his father - anyway, what is the alleged reason for revenge?

Despite all the flag waving - Those chumps are a bunch of subversive bastards!


While I agree that a large percentage of the protestors are naive chumps, IMO, they are in the right this time. Bush has a hardon to declare war on Iraq despite a) there being no connection to 9/11, b) insufficient evidence that Saddam has amassed WMDs, and b) no military provocation by Iraq. Moreover, the Bush regime has demonstrated a brzen hypocrisy in continung negotiations with North Korea, an insane dictatorship that not only has nuclear weapons but the means to deploy them, yet seems determined to make war on Iraq, a nation that has no nukes and is too far away to attack us.

In addition, the Bush regime has no game plan, no strategy to win the war, to take out Saddam (the putative goal) or what to do after the war is won (if it is).

If we are going to sacrifice the lives of American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi noncombatants, we damned sure better do it to accomplish the task this time. I have a sinking feeling that Iraq is the Arabic word for Vietnam.

I’m totally with Gobear on this one.

(Got to go lie down now, feeling a little weird…)

Gobear, I do agree with you on almost all the points you make except that it is not nonsense - the breeding ground for the next 9/11 is Iraq.

If Iraq becomes Arabic for Vietnam, it will be the doing of the protesters.

Were the difficulties in fighting guerillas caused by protestors?


That’s like blaming the fire alarm for causing the fire. Vietnam-era protests did not cause the US to lose that war-that was done by the military establishment that did not learn the lessons of Dien Bien Phu.

Personally I think Bush is itching to go to war and there is not enough justification yet but this is a war where whatever happens I will be extremely happy. I cannot help be happy if Saddam Hussein is kicked out. And if it turns out to be a quamire for the US it will be a very deserved lesson in humility which is badly needed. It is a win-win situation.

Other than that, the OP and his following posts are utter nonsense and not worth responding to.

I understand what you mean sailor but I cant go with you on that. If it comes to war, God forbid, I have to hope its brutal and short. I have to hope that its Iraqi soldiers who suffer and die, and thier kids are the ones who become orphans. And I’ll never forgive the men who made me make such a choice.

You consider the lesson to be worth loss of life? That seems pretty cold.

I am not saying that is what I wish and, in any case, what I wish is irrelevant to the end result. I wish no Americans die but I also wish no Iraqis die. All I am saying is that if it turns into a quaqmire, I am already seeing a positive side. But don’t blame me if it happens. As I said about Argentina in the thread about the Falklands: the best way to not lose a war is not to start it in the first place. If the US starts a war and then gets bogged down it has nobldy to blame but itself. I am sorry, I hold everybody responsible for their mistakes and if this war turns out to be a mistake I am not going to blame anyone else.

I, for one, thank God for all of those “subversive bastards.” Debate, argument and protest are some of the most beautiful things about America. Our forefathers fought and died to give us the right to speak our minds, anr regardless of whether or not you may agree or disagree with a protester’s ideals, you should be grateful we have the right to do so. In some countries, those “subversive” elements would be taking their lives into their own hands by even speaking out against the regime.

Argument and debate are healthyand utterly essential to a democracy. No war, or policy decision should be undertaken without serious debate over the possible ramifications or alternatives. Dear God, man, the day we all start heartily agreeing with everything the government does or decides is a scary day indeed!

The idea that protest is somehow “un-American” and “subversive” is absolutely against everything I think this country stands for. It makes me think of a line in a movie: “There’s a time for thinking, and there’s a time for action-- and this is no time to be thinking!”

Our President and some others want the war, not all of us. I think the generalization that the whole country deserves having family members killed because of those who want a war is in poor taste.

Poor Brutus does not understand! You honestly believe that there are no detailed plans for attacking Iraq? That it will be a haphazard “Drive north until you see something, Sergeant!”? Surely you have seen the various post-Hussien plans floating around?

Why say the ‘Bush regime’ has ‘no game plan’, when you know that is patently untrue?

As I said, I want no one killed, and that includes Iraqis. But it is a fact that people benefit from the good decisions of their governments and suffer the bad ones, even if they are not directly responsible. The Iraqi people are paying dearly for the errors of their own government and most of them are victims of actions with which they have nothing to do. It is a sad fact of life. I feel equally sorry for all loss of human life and that includes American and Iraqi. If the American government makes a mistake which results in the loss of human life, the blame the American government for the mistake. But that will not happen and, once the war has started, everybody will call for escalation if things don’t go well.

All I am saying is that if the USA gets bogged down, I see something good coming from it which is that the US may not throw its weight around so much and may stop bulling other countries and may learn to live with others which would be a good thing and which is something that may save a few American lives later on.

I do not wish the US will get bogged down and have to suffer loss of life. I also do not wish the US will attack and cause loss of life of innocent people in other countries…

We agree on theses two last points.


In the past video was released of Al-Qeda testing chemical weapons on dogs in Iraq. This was in northern Iraq not controlled by Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein runs an oppressive government which cracks down on the form of Islamic extremism practiced by Osama bin Laden.

Our main ally in the middle east (other than Israel) is Saudi Arabia which we know is a casual contributor to Al-Qeda.

The Great Satan invading an Arab country in the heart of the Muslim world with seemingly no provocation is going to send the people of the Middle East into a freakin fury.

Sounds like the words of someone who plans to watch the war on CNN from the comfort of his home. A quagmire in Iraq would serve as much good as the quagmire in Vietnam did. A lot of Americans killed, a lot more Iraqis killed, Sadaam still in power, and every dictator in the world thinking that America will think twice before getting involved.

Of course, if you see America as a “big bulley” there probably isn’t any point in talking to you.

Amendment I., Constitution of the United States

Somehow, people exercising their rights doesn’t equate with chumps are (who) a bunch of subversive bastards!. Then again, everyone is entitled to share their opinion under the same Constitution, … well, until Bush outlaws that, too.

Two points for Duckster.

Freedom of speach is not absolute (fire/theater example). And the political ramafications of a divided country is part of what put the hurt on us in the Vietnam conflict. Inciting this type of conflict when putting our kids in a hostile area is worse than the fire/theater thing.

United We Stand, except for: Duckster, salior, and Lissa.
Everytime you think, you weaken the Nation - M.H.