Raelians, Boobs, Bush, arrrggg


“Whenever everybody undresses, the ego goes away and then we can make decisions,” said [nude] protester Nadine Gary. “Imagine President Bush nude addressing the state of the union. Imagine Saddam Hussein nude.”


I know the Raelians are all into eroticism and the cosmic orgasm and all, but these were not images I really needed in my head, and they certainly are not in the least erotic.

Worse, it led to a further thought: Bush, Saddam slash fiction. I know it exists. I can’t bear the thought.

Excuse me. I need to go scrub my brain.

“It is an interesting question how far men would retain their relative rank if they were divested of their clothes.” – Henry David Thoreau

Funny you mention the subject of Bush and Saddam going at it. The other day, I was thinking about how human society would be different if it were more like that of the bonobo apes, and concluded that Bush and Saddam would end up fucking each other. I’m sure I would be watching C-Span that day. Make love, not war, right?

Oh, good, thank you SO much, now I have to go around all day with the mental image of Dubya and Saddam Hussein doing the bonobo “hanging from opposing tree limbs penis-banging” thing.

George is wearing his cowboy boots. Saddam is wearing his mustache.
[gets in line at brain-scrubbing sink]

I’m skipping the sink and mainlining chlorine bleach right into a catheter inserted at the temple.

Where is that barf smiley when its needed so severely??

Can’t you just imagine Dubya smirking and doin’ the helicopter?

DDG, I think my mission here is complete!

It’s times like this when I find that thinking of John Madden naked jumping on a trampoline is a great comfort.

Well, Saddam made it to the top by fucking the lives of everyone above him and around him, and has maintained his power by fucking his own people, so I imagine he’d be up for one more.

But then, how is the contest winner determined? First to orgasm loses?

Talk about your weapons of mass destruction! :eek:

Ouch, I shouldn’t have read that article while eating my lunch.

The Raelians are apparently pretty sex crazy, by the way, which explains the nudity and maybe even the famed alien butt probing.

I can’t believe nobody has made a Bush’s bush joke. Far be it from me to be the first…

…Okay, ** Bush’s bush!**:eek:

I was going to make use a variation of that same stupid pun in the ** “Say something nice about Bush”** thread, but I’ve had a few beers and didn’t feel like reading through all three pages to make sure nobody else had done it already.

I’m sure I won’t find this to be as humorous tomorrow as I do now… Bush’s bush…:smack: