Fuck Bush

Thats all…youve heard what I would’ve said a million times by others anyway…just wanted to express my opinion

As my bumper sticker says, BUCK FUSH.

On the Universal Scale of Originality, this OP comes in somewhere between “New Coke” and “After MAS*H”.

But it has a certain ring of sincerity.

I have a Fuck Bush growing in my back yard, right next to the Oral Sex Tree.

I guess you don’t like him then?

At least 123 bytes of hard disk storage sacrificed their lives in vain for this OP.

Not in vain Monstre! Not at all in vain. I was and am still particularly disgusted with some of his latist antics, which in lew of causing another horrible fight, I will not discuss. Anyway you dont have to keep telling me, I should’ve never started this thread. :wally

I shall refrain from inquiring about the Sodomy Hedge.

I thought Fuck Bush was like in Brooklyn or Queens.

It’s made of brambles.

No, you’re thinking of Control Top.

lieu, as I’m sure he’ll be along to tell you soon.

And you misspelled your username.

Otherwise I completely agree with the OP, with great emphasis.


fuck bushes can often be found pollinating rice

Are we fucking a specific Bush or just any old Bush that happens to be handy?

I love saying “Fuck Bush.” Think of how many countries there are where such a statement could get you imprisoned, a few in which it could get you executed. But this is America, and we still have the freedom of speech, despite Bush’s attempts to limit it, so every once in a while I say “Fuck Bush” just to make sure I still can.

Saying “Fuck Bush” is, for me, a profound act of patriotism.

Fuck Bush!

I’ll be over in the Heavy Petting Ivy for a while…

At least with this one, maybe the Bushies won’t need to come to the “revelation” that this is another Bush-bashing thread.

While I have no desire to Fuck any Bush, I must say I was duly impressed this morning when I saw a clip of him on the news stating, ever so eloquently, “I think about Iraq every day…(long pause with mouth open)…” Well, hot damn, Mr. President, I am so glad to hear that. I’m feeling so much better now. Now don’t you people be worrying about any of that ol’Iraq stuff cause Dubbya is on it…thinking about it…every day.

Personally, I’m staying away from the French Kiss Cactus…