48 Hours in Dubai, UAE or Doha, Qatar [edited title]

Looks like I’m headed to Bangalore for work again at the end of October, and this time I’d like to take a 48 hour layover in Dubai. Having never been anywhere in the Middle East I think this will be an interesting cultural experience. I’d probably arrive in Dubai Friday night and have all day Sat/Sun before flying home Monday morning.

I’m interested in seeing the old city/Souk, getting out in the desert, and playing photographer for a bit. I’ll probably take a trip up the Burq Khalif becase, why not? I think I’ll pass on the indoor skiing and any water parks. Any recommendations for tour operators for the desert excursions or activities? The 4 wheeling isn’t high on my list, but it might be fun as part of a bigger excursion.

And of course any dining options that I must try? Not necessarily specific restaurants (although those are always welcome) but I’d really like to try some street food or local specialties.

I’m going to use my one bump here.

Tough call. We’re going in November but for over a week. We’re staying at the Atlantis Palm.

Like we do in other cities we got the Turbo City Pass so we’re going to be doing most of what you listed (except the skiing. I loath skiing!:mad: )

If I had to cut it down I suppose going out to the desert would be a priority. And the old part of the city.
Even though it’s touristy I’d include Burj Khalifa just for the bragging rights that’s I’d been there and seen that.

I’m glad we’ll have more time than you. There just so much to do there! We intend to thoroughly enjoy, hope you do to! :slight_smile:

Looks like my trip is being pushed out to November as well.

Are you planning on spending time on the beach? If I was with my wife we’d probably do that, but not on my own. Where are you planning to stay and why did you choose there?

Stay away from the bars; don’t drink alcohol:

I haven’t been there. But a friend talked about a dinner cruise that went under a waterfall bridge. It sounded heavenly.

There’s a lot of really fascinating architecture going up on the coast and the artificial islands. Boat and helicopter tours are more than usually recommended.

If you decide to do one of the desert safari/camel ride tours, book them through your hotel concierge. You want them looking out for you and knowing where you went and with whom.

I used to transit through Dubai for work, there are some really good fish restaurants, Pierchic is very nice.

If you’re an angler, Dubai is having a bit of a moment when it comes to salt fly fishing. A number of operators have sprung up, but I haven’t fished Dubai yet. https://www.yellowdogflyfishing.com/destinations/dubai/fly-fishing-dubai

Anyone try the same type of 48 hour layover in Doha, Qatar?

I had no idea. What do they fish for in the Persian Gulf, madmonk? I’ve heard of, and seen enough David Doubliet photos to know that the Red Sea teems with marine life, but I didn’t know the same was true for the Persian Gulf.

I mean, it should, as warm as it gets and as shallow as it can be, but I’d never heard of great fishing/oceanography there.

I’ve never fished it, but my friend just did and he was landing huge queen fish, here’s a video of a guy fly fishing for queen fish in Dubai: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tvvuu-rivZE

We’ll be at the Atlantis Palm. We do intend to take in the beach. We chose Dubai because it’s one of the places we have yet to visit. We take 2 international trips per year, usually doing a beach vacation in November. Last year we were in Grand Cayman, year before in Belize, before that Brasil and so on. So Dubai will definately be different.

OK, looks like the trip is happening third weekend in November. I’m headed to Doha, Qatar instead of Dubai, UAE for a variety of reasons. Maybe next trip I’ll stop in Dubai.

Qatar airlines offers a stopover deal with one free night, or two nights of lodging for $100. Once I have my tickets in hand I’ll see if they have rooms at the boutique hotel I’m interested in the Souk. Since I’m at the Ritz in Bangalore just before it’ll be nice to be in a smaller more intimate place in the heart of things.

The weather in November looks ideal, I’ll try to get a morning run along the Corniche promenade just to say I’ve run there. I think a half day of dune bashing and visit to the inland sea, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Grand Mosque, the Souk Waqif, the Pearl, a dhow cruise, and some time at the beach should fill up 48 hours. Except for work trips to India I haven’t traveled solo since I met my wife. Let’s see if I still enjoy solo travel.