Things to do and see in Dubai

My brother has just started work in Dubai and has very kindly used some of his frequent flyer miles to pay for my wife and I to visit in September.

Can anyone give me a heads up on making the most of my 10 day trip?

Hey! My brother just started work in Dubai too! He’s been there a month, and he says the place is amazing… he hasn’t elaborated much though. He does goes on about the night life and the food, and about how cheap fuel is :slight_smile:

I’ve only spent a few days there on layover, but:

There’s a really nice beach and good snorkeling, there are tour companies that will take you on tours of the desert and then stage a Bedouin barbeque with entertainment in the desert.

You can take a nice slow boat tour down the creek at night and Dubai has a nice museum.

There is also a gold market that is worth visiting even if you don’t want to buy any jewelery.

Have fun.

Do these tour companies let you drive the SUVs over the sand dunes? Ever since I saw it on TV, I’ve wanted to do that… it would probably cost a bomb though :frowning:

Sorry, when I go there is to drink heavily. I don’t remember much of.

There is a large water park, wadi-bashing (as 4x4ing properly called) and tours by boats on The Creek. They also have a Hard Rock Cafe in case you are collection pins.

The Wild Wadi water park at Jumeirah Beach is pretty amazing (some of the slides shoot you up on a jet of water while sitting on a ring - cool!). While you’re there check out the Burj Al-Arab hotel, quite a sight - in fact if you can afford it I recommend staying for a night, it really is as good as everone says.
Burj Al Arab

Adding to previous suggestions, if you play golf take your clubs - some of the best courses I have played on anywhere in the world.

Also, take your credit cards - it’s a shopper’s paradise!

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September would not be nice time to visit Dubai IMO, as the weather is still too hot. Try mid Oct. Things start cooling down then. and like the others said, theres wadi-bashing, boat tours, shopping. But I suggest you rent a 4x4, or better still, a superbike and drive down the Sheikh Zayed road, or take a trip to Abu Dhabi or Fujairah. Thats super-fun. Another activity that I did while there was shooting. Theres one rifle club at Fujairah, and another at Dubai, though I am not sure where.

I’m probably going to go to Dubai in December to visit my brother… noname’s bike hire suggestion sounds real good to me. Do you have an idea of how much it costs to hire a sportsbike there? Or any particular company that I could ask? I’ve tried google, without much luck…

gouda , I’m afraid I can’t help you there. Its been nearly two yrs since I visited Dubai, so I don’t know the prevailing rates and prices. Your bro could help out there.

From the website - that looks like an INDREDIBLE hotel - and I love the architecture!

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