4th of July Amensty

So we have less than 24 hours to turn our illegal fireworks in for the 4th of July amnesty and avoid costly prosecution in several states…has anyone actually done it?

Has anyone ever gone through “costly prosecution” for fireworks?

Has anyone actually taken up this amnesty offer for fear of prosecution? I can see a parent taking them away and using it as an option to be rid of them but I don’t see someone going out and buying fireworks then having a change of heart and turning them in.

In my town I don’t remember when or if anyone has been arrested for fireworks.

I used to know someone who was arrested for shooting off fireworks from a moving vehicle. He also had a child with him and was also arrested for Contributing to the Delinquency, though I heard that they made that go away. This was in VA I believe.

I’m pretty sure that’s the basic purpose of the program. Its not really about fear of prosecution so much as safe disposal.

If you have a pile of fireworks that you don’t really want sitting around your house where your kids might find them, but for whatever reason you’ve lost interest in using them as intended (I imagine people might be a little nervous using fireworks in CO this year, for example) and for obvious reasons just throwing them out seems rather dangerous, what do you do?

My dad used to give me firecrackers, or money to go buy them. Even showed me how to twist them together for a bigger bang. When we lived overseas… I was 8 to 12 years old; how times have changed. (PS - never got a burn, never damaged anything, nothing bad happened ever.)