How do you feel about fireworks? would you consider calling calling in a report?

I enjoyed hearing the fireworks go off around my neighborhood last night. They are illegal in my city but I’m no snitch. They mentioned people upset could call in reports on the 311 line. (not 911). Not anything I’d even consider doing. 1. I enjoy hearing them 2. I have to live in this neighborhood for the foreseeable future. I prefer a peaceful and cordial relationship with my neighbors.

I’ve always enjoyed fireworks. Reminds me of my own childhood when my grandad taught me how to safely use them. I bought them for my daughters when they were younger and taught them the safety procedures. I always insisted on being outside with them anytime they were fired.

Hearing fireworks again is pretty neat for a couple nights every holiday. They ended about 12:30 pm on the 4th. Not a biggie. I was up anyhow practicing my guitar. We’ll probably have more tonight until the kids exhaust their supply.

I’m pretty chill. The only exception is if they were deliberately aiming rockets at my home. Thats destructive and not acceptable.

This guy has one opinion about the danger of simple home fireworks at the beginning of the video and quite another at the very (somewhat graphic but not gruesome ) end.

Apparently the “consequences” videois a separate video.

I probably wouldn’t call in - even if it did occur to me, I’m not sure anyone would do anything about it. Mind you, I don’t live inside any city limits, and if we aren’t allowed it’s because of drought conditions making fire more likely so I’d be at least be a bit annoyed, even if the risk isn’t really that high.


I might, it really depends. Where I currently live there’s a burn ban in place because of the drought and signs everywhere warning that you can be fined for even possessing fireworks. If you really think you need to set off fireworks in these conditions, risking lighting our homes on fire, you’re kind of an asshole and deserve what you get. You seriously can’t figure out some other way to celebrate? For the past couple of nights there have been (thankfully few) fireworks going off but we’re on an island accessible by boat only, so nobody can come out here at night to do anything. The sad thing is it generally seems to be people coming in from out of town to use the local campgrounds, and many of them don’t give a shit that this is our home.

Where I’ve lived in previous years, sometimes fireworks were banned regardless of weather conditions, and it was annoying to listen to but otherwise I didn’t particularly care, aside from the year the only entrance to our apartment complex was blocked by idiot teenagers that apparently couldn’t find a better place to do it.

I loved fireworks as a child, but I have absolutely no interest in them now. But to each his own. I’m not calling the police over something that is none of my business.

I’ve lived in my house for over 20 years, and we have a neighbor who shoots off some of the big roman candles and other fireworks. I’ve never called the cops on him, and as far as I know, no one else in the neighborhood has.

I leave 'em alone unless they were deliberately being abusive, and aiming at houses or people. But shooting them off in the air? I’ve done that here, it’s not a big deal.

A circumstance under which I’d try to get the cops out is if nitwits were not only shooting off fireworks long before/long after the 4th*, but doing it during a drought.

Thankfully, this year there hasn’t been much non-4th fireworks usage, and lots of rain leading up to the holiday.

*if you’re still shooting off your stash in August, something is wrong.

I’ve considered it in the past, but it’s always seemed kind of futile to me - as in the odds of the cops being able to find and stop it seemed rather low. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I thought of it.

As a kid we made our own black powder and cannon that we used on the fourth once that got old we made our own bottle rockets. The only time we almost got in trouble was when one of our rockets misfired and broke a window.

I’ve got no urge to call the cops on the fireworks people I just try and restrain the urge to out do them,

Me too to a degree noted below but I grew up rural. Hard to hurt much when “much” is close to a mile off.
I would/have call in the cops when its just kids screwing around with them on their own. If there are at least adults around to watch I tend to live and let live. It beats the usual gunshots I hear year round and possibly could improve the gene pool by weeding out the unfit.

I considered it yesterday. Some people a block and a half away got hold of some HUGE fireworks. They were the kind that explode at about 80 or 100 feet up and, in full bloom, spanned a block or so. I’d never seen fireworks that big outside of a city-sponsored event. And they had dozens of them.

How they can afford them, I don’t know. Our neighborhood is far from wealthy. And it’s full of century-old houses and apartment buildings. A few of them have wooden fire escapes like those pictured here, which give me the willies. By comparison, our building is by far the newest in the neighborhood, with modern fire alarms and sprinklers and two sets of indoor stairs.

Though I enjoyed seeing the fireworks, I worried about all those old houses. I considered calling the cops but figured they probably had their hands full. I also figured someone closer would call if needed or even my neighbor, a former cop herself, if she thought it would do any good.

I think I’m feeling a little shell-shocked today. Just a bit out of kilter. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

I would consider calling in a report, but the police priority on those kind of calls is so low that they wouldn’t get to the scene until the next day. So, why bother?

One of the neighborhood kids thought shooting bottle rockets at the houses was a fun idea this year. i did not call it in, but I did use my pellet gun to take out their outside flood lights. The bottle rockets stopped.

So young hooligans are setting off low grade explosives wrapped in paper near your home. Not really seeing how this isn’t something to be legitimately concerned about. Why can’t they set off their noisemakers and flashy rockets somewhere out in the open, several miles from my several hundred thousand dollar property? If the kids don’t have the responsibility to get someone to drive them to a safe place to set em off at, maybe they should just play xbox instead.

I wouldn’t think twice about calling the cops on firework play that seemed dangerous. But in all of the years I’ve heard them going off around here, I’ve never actually seen them. So I have no idea where people are shooting them off. And they’re clearly not close enough to harm me.

So even though they can be annoying as fuck when they are constant (last year it was a solid WEEK) and my dog is upset, I don’t mind too much as long as they are not about to blow me up.

Where we live, fireworks are legal during Fourth of July. Very. Big. Fireworks. I think the largest legal ones are three-inch re-loadable mortars. Some people go bigger.

We have no tolerance for fireworks. Every year we have to close up the house, turn on all of the fans, TVs, radios, lights. Close all of the curtains. And then drug the animals so they can endure the fear.

The legal period is 9a-Midnight. This year was just Fourth of July and not like all five days before the Fourth as well. This year the bangs started in mid-afternoon. Maybe one or two an hour. By dusk it was up to 10-15 an hour. Come nightfall it was a continuous barrage until Midnight. It’s definitely a war zone. But do it out of established hours, I will nail you. We helped nail about a dozen people last year, this year maybe half that.

Tonight, the night is still young. If we hear any, you can bet we will be out to nail some more.

Cops around here are busy enough with real emergencies. My animals aren’t bothered by them and neither am I. Yeah, it gets a little old around 3am, but they’re few and far between by then. Some dipwad wants to shoot an appendage off, be my guest.

Cops have better things to do.