5 Gallon Jugs and Those Jugs for Painting..

I need to get 2 Gallons out of the 5 Gallon jug… Is there a place that has measured lines that shows how much water is each gallon?? Where I live is VERY VERY limited on certain supplies… so please to dont tell me to go buy something.
Can anyone help me please? It is very urgent.

I couldnt find a pic paint jug… but a lot of people use them for water to wash paint brushes n stuff… if its to much i can take a pic if needed.

I am looking on the exact amount do these hold.
Thanks. sry for grammer XD:D

get a one gallon jug. using a measuring cup fill the jug until you’ve added one gallon, mark that level with paint, marker or adhesive tape. you could also mark the gallon jug in quarts or pints. then you will have a good approximate but close measure (mostly depends you additions and on the quality of the mark you can make).

You might be a little clearer about what you’re asking. Brush-cleaning jugs don’t have a standard size, you basically use what you need.

If you have a kitchen scale, 2 gallons is 16 pounds.

It depends what you need it for. Can you use something like a waste basket, or a bin from the fridge, or the container that some cat litter comes in? Or if it doesn’t have to be rigid, could you use a trash bag?

If the sides are straight and even, then it would stand to reason you need only measure the side and divide it into five equal sections.

Since you don’t know exactly where full is (at the very top, 1" down, 2" down etc) this is not accurate.
Just do some simple math. One gallon is 231 cubic inches. Use the formula here to solve for the height of a cylinder with a volume of 231 cubic inches. http://math.about.com/od/formulas/ss/surfaceareavol_3.htm
(Volume formula at bottom)

ah thanks for the replies guys… i got the patience of a squirrel … it took forever but i found a pitcher with some measuring tabs on the side that has a limit of 64oz… which was exactly what i was looking for. so thanks m8s.

im sure ill be back hah… :stuck_out_tongue:

Only if it’s water, or something with a density similar to water. Paint will weigh more, possibly quite a bit more.