TV show challenge

My wife was watching the tv show “The Mole” and there was some kind of challenge where the contestants had to figure out how to measure out 4 gallons of liquid using only a 5 gallon jug and a 3 gallon jug. I didn’t see the show so I’m not sure if you could refill the jugs or not, but if you can’t then I don’t know how to solve this - anybody know?

This one is pretty old, were the contestants able to do it? (didn’t thay have this same problem in Die Hard III?)

Anyway, here’s the answer:Fill up the 5 gallon container and pour water into the 3 gallon container until it’s full. This leaves two gallons in the 5 gallon container. Empty the 3 gallon container and pour the two gallons into it. Now fill the 5 again. Pour the 5 into the three until the 3 is full (ie pour one gallon from the 5 to the 3). This leaves four gallons in the 5 gallon container.

Ooooooh, I know this one!
Take the 5-gallon jug, fill it up, and pour it into the 3-gallon jug. Now you have 2 gallons left in the 5-gallon jug.
Dump out the 3-gallon jug, pour the two gallons from the 5-gallon jug into the 3-gallon jug.
Fill the five-gallon jug up again, pour it into the 3-gallon jug, which already has two gallon in it, so only one gallon will fit. Then you are left with four gallons in the five-gallon jug.
If they can’t dump and refill the jugs, then I have no idea.
They did this in “Die Hard 3.”

ChiefWahoo beat me by two minutes.
I didn’t see your answer in preview.

Ha ha :smiley:

Fill the 3-gallon jug and pour into the 5-gallon. Fill the 3-gallon again and fill the 5-gallon jug. This will leave one gallon left in the 3-gallon. Empty the 5-gallon jug, pour the one gallon remaining in the 3-gallon and fill the 3-gallon again and pour into the 5-gallon jug.
This process is longer, but if you’re a Teamster…

Yea, well I not only did see Chief’s answer in preview, and deleted my post, I did it the other way (fill the 3 gallon, empty it into the 5 gallon. fill 3 gallon again, empty as much as possible into the 5 gallon, which would leave 1 gallon in the 3 gallon, empty the 5 gallon, pour the 1 gallon from the 3 gallon into the 5 gallon, refill the 3 gallon and pour into the 5 gallon, leaving 4 gallons in the 5 gallon)

and had made a witty remark about the similarities of our user names.

So there :smiley: