5-htp, experiences?

I first tried using 5-HTP to help me with sleep. So far all I’ve noticed is after 5 days of taking 150mg before bed, my dreams are absolute bizarre, whacky and vivid.

Anybody care to share their experiences with 5-HTP?

There doesn’t seem to be any clinical evidence that it works as a sleep aid. The association seems to be anecdotal, based on its similarity to serotonin and melatonin.

Maybe it works for some people. If it’s not working for what you’re taking it for, I wouldn’t take it any more.

I’ve heard that you have to be taking it for a while for you to feel the effects, I’m gonna continue and see - either way, I love it for the dreams, which I think is related directly to the melatonin.

Sounds like a lot of jokes where a patient “complains” to the doctor about something, then concludes, “But, Doctor, I/my wife/my husband love/s it!” :smiley:

Im just sayin. The two hours sleep I do get are fackin whacky.

I’ve honestly never heard of it helping sleep. I could only see it working in two ways: increasing serotonin which gets converted to melatonin and helps, or it works like an SSRI, eventually relieving anxiety. And SSRIs also have the mentioned weird dream side effects, too.

If anxiety is not your problem, I’d suggest going with melatonin directly. Use a small amount, less than a milligram. Usually 300mcg is recommended as a starting point.

Used 5-HTP for months and it did nothing for me whatsoever. Just didn’t work. It is supposed to convert to serotonin in the brain/liver, and thus relax you or whatever, but neurotransmitter chemistry is complex, and merely adding more serotonin to the body does not necessarily mean it will relieve depression or promote sleep.

As with all meds, YMMV.