5 Things That Are Harder Than Registering To Vote, Featuring President Obama

A PSA on registering to vote.

Even those of you who don’t agree with the man have to admit he has style.

Well, that proves it. Obama is a superhero.

That’s not a real dog! He lied to the American people! Though it is, perhaps, too early to talk impeachment…

That totally fucking rocked!

I like that. And he is very good at this stuff.

And since it is so easy, we can move ahead with voter ID laws. Excellent!

I agree that Obama excels at these sort of things. But I’m sure he does not intend this to imply that voter ID laws are less of an evil than they truly are. The purpose of those laws is to suppress Democratic voting, we must never forget that.

While that might be there reasons for some, it is not the sole reason. We must never forget that, too.

But if it is so easy, what’s the pushback? Democrat voters can’t be expected to do something easier than un tangled a headphone cord. I guess I can see that. :smiley:

Ya know, this was a nice light-hearted thread about a non-partisan action that the POTUS took… until you showed up and posted.


Summer dies …


Guess I’ll save money now that I don’t need cable.


I’ll take non-sequitur for $1,000, Alex.

Registering to vote is also easier than getting a photo ID. So, I guess Obama should have had 6 things instead of 5.

I registered to vote on the same form I used to get the photo ID …

I know! All you needed was a bunch of forms and historical IDs, birth certificates, money, etc., to get the photo ID. And then, check a box to register to vote, or something just as easy, right?

I’m honestly not sure what your point was. Registering to vote is easy. Getting photo ID can be easy or difficult depending on your circumstances. How does that contradict what I said?

Yep, coolest President ever, by far, no question about that. And despite that, he’s brought dignity back to the office after the last two basically peed on the Presidential seal, figuratively speaking.

Apparently Americans hate Presidents that are dignified, thus the choices we have now.

Some of us see easy voter registration as a goal we’ve achieved not a problem that needs to be fixed.

Maybe its been a while since I saw a closeup of Obama, but myu first thought upon seeing this was man has he aged in the last 7 years.

I’m gonna miss this crazy cat when he’s gone :frowning:

Probably worn down by Michele’s unrelenting sexual demands! Trying to fell sorry for him, but it ain’t easy.

It should be easy but with proper verification. Applying should be easy. Verification of eligibility should be strict.

Obama and I are the same age. Let’s agree that his job is more stressful than mine.

Has he aged noticeably since 2008? Definitely, but so have I. He and I are simply at an age when the hair grays or thins, when wrinkles show up, when waistbands expand. He and I would still be showing our age if we switched jobs.

And thank God he has. The alternative is being dead.