50 Cent

Anybody with the slightest interest in the hip hop or pop scenes cannot have avoided the hype, so I’m fishing for other opinions. I burned the album, and I was fairly impressed. Beat-wise, it’s a classic, but we already knew that when Dre was attached, even if he only did 4 beats. content-wise, it doesnt go much beyond the usual thug cliches, but 50 seems a bit more willing to display sensitivity and sense of humor than most gangster rappers. He also has a good deal of lyrical skill in him. He may not be Rakim, but he blows Ja Rule off the map. What’d everybody else think?

I prefer the Benjamin Franklin half-dollars to the current Kennedy half-dollars.

Oh, never mind.

I don’t know, anyone who seriously refers to himself as the “Wanksta” is either humor-challenged or really putting one over everyone.

Oh, I dunno, the old Walking Liberty half-dollar coins that pre-dated the Franklin halves had a certain charm and elegance to them. (The design was considered pretty enough that the U.S. mint re-used the obverse on the new 1-oz. silver American Eagle bullion coins.)

He is definitely not referrring to himself as a wanksta.