50 Facts you might not know about Barack Obama


Fairly interesting. Definitely our hippest president since Clinton.

Well, there’s only been one president since Clinton, so that’s not really saying much. I’d say hippest president since Kennedy.

He’s a leftie! Like Me and Bill Clinton.


  • his desk in his Senate office once belonged to Robert Kennedy

Isn’t that the desk that Nathan Petrelli picked?

50 is all they could manage? We at the SDMB got 80!

I’m sorry, but in what world is benching 200 pounds impressive?

And John McCain, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford and a couple of other presidents, apparently.

Obama can fly. :eek:

Most non-gym going men of average size couldn’t manage it.

And so it begins.

Obama is a mammal.

No I think he’s a fly.


I am good at spending 200 pounds.

Hookers and blow? What’s the selection like on the Isle?:smiley:

  1. He has never been in my kitchen.

Well, a few lots of 200 pounds have gone towards making it possible to procure free porn.

Hippest?! The man collects comic books! Far be it from me to call someone else a big ol’ geek, but come ON!

Last time I checked, Spiderman did pretty freakin well at the box office, not exactly a small geekdom there. Conan the Barbarian has spawned three movies, and animated series, countless novels, a mmorpg, and pretty much inspired the entire sword and sorcery genre of literature. :rolleyes:

Huh. Between this comment and the observation about the desk, I’m now picturing Obama watching Heroes on the campaign trail and going into geeky paroxysms of joy when the conversation about the desk came up. There may have also been declarations of, “Shout out!”