50 Million dollars? For a Church? Are you Serious?

Well of course they’re serious, why, they’re gonna do “God Sized Things” in there!


In this building, this “Church” there are;

2,120 parking spaces
10,008 seats, with fllor space for 10,600 people
100 womens toilets
78 mens toilets
235 doors
2,300 light fixutures
28 water fountains
3 Regulation basketball courts
and last but not least a $1.4 million dolllar sound system
Weigh that against what 50 million dollars would do for the poor neighborhood that this Monstronsity of God is in, and you find this fucking worship warehouse and the people funding and running it, in need of a serious priority realignment.

How many children would that $50 million feed?
How many homes would that $50 million build?
How many schools would that $50 million repair?
How many lives would that $50 million save?

The audacity of these people! This is an abomination before their so-called god, and I hope with all of my pagan heart, that they will be judged accordingly.

Many religious (not all, not even most) look upon religion as a business. They hope that this investment in the building will return more money down the road. I doubt that that is what Buddha, or Muhammed, or Jesus had in mind, but that’s really none of my business. Their works speak for themselves.

To the OP
Wow, you really have a problem with the manner in which other people spend their money!

How do you feel about stadiums and arenas.

Have you ever viewed a movie with a 100 million dollar plus production budget?

I wonder where they raised the money from. The linked article doesn’t say. I hope it was from the Generosity of Parishioners who were Willing To Support the project; if so, it may not be any more objectionable than a European town coming together to build a cathedral.

On the other hand, it may be a case of Golden Headquarters Syndrome: where an organisation has achieved enough status and resources that it starts to feather its opwn nest, and is no longer quite so hungry to fulfil its original purpose. I say whis happen with the company I worked for…

Guys, guys, guys, try to pay attention here. The problem with a $50mil church is that a church isn’t a company.

We Christians are supposed to care for the poor and sick. We’re supposed to be a light of God’s love, and a beacon of his message.

We aren’t required to have a $1.4mil sound system, or three basketball courts. The rest of the specifications could possibly be justified- if they actually get 10,600 people at a time. But basic assembly spaces for such numbers shouldn’t cost $50mil. It takes away from ministry. The attention that must be focused on getting $50mil adds to that effect. THAT is the problem.

buttonjockey308’s objection to building a church at all is purely to being a pagan, of course. It’s not really worth a reply.

Of course, the money the OP spent on his computer could feed a family in Guatemala for six months…
(very obscure pop-culture trivia challenge)

It seats 10,008 people, and has 2,120 parking spaces? That’s 4.7 people per car on a full day. When I used to go to church, the most we carried in our car was 4 people. Not many people carried more than that. I guess they aren’t really expecting the church to be filled to capacity, though, eh?

And yes, I’d rather see them build a $5 or even $10 million church, and use the rest developing the outlying community, but it’s not my money so I’m not going to get too upset.

EC: That’s 4.7 people per car on a full day. When I used to go to church, the most we carried in our car was 4 people. Not many people carried more than that. I guess they aren’t really expecting the church to be filled to capacity, though, eh?

Except when they get tour buses, maybe. (Actually, don’t some of these new megachurches maintain their own shuttle services so non-driving parishioners can get to church?)

If it’s theirs, then I certainly have no problem with it. :wink:

After Sunspace made the comparison to a cathedral I was much less affronted. I am Catholic; that is what we do. It is not that the money was used for a churh. It is not that the money could have been used for community renewal; so many secular endevors could be attacked for same thing (does anyone really need a $20 million dollar home?]. And however hypocritical it may seem, parishoners often want to go to a church that has oomph. What irks me is that it does not sound like a church building, it sounds like a football stadium. I guess it just strikes me as… tacky, overkill?

Actually, the article says that they have a lot of things planned specifically for community renewal.

You know, not everywhere in the USA is part of an automobile-only environment as far as transportation is concerned.

The church in question is in Chicago’s South Side. There are a large number of potential parishioners who can walk there from home, plus several bus and train lines nearby. In an urban setting, minimizing the number of parking spaces can often be the most socially-responsible decision.

Speaking purely for myself, I’m not sure that I would want to be part of a church with 10,000 participants at any given service. However, I do not begrudge the Rev. James Meeks his church. At $50M for 10k seating capacity, that’s equivalent to $1M for a church that seats 200, which would seem to me to be perfectly reasonable given that it’s in Chicago.

What is the purpose of a church? If they are spending such horrific amounts on a building, what is their goal?

If it is to “save” the local community then the snazzy new building may help. If the aim is to do the greater good then it seems they have just wasted a shitload of money.

I have no clue what the intentions of the church were but it seems like a shitload of money to spend on a building, when the general goal of the religion seems to be about saving others.

It almost seems like they tossed up between “save others” or “put savers in comfy seats”

Fifty million seems like a shitload of money to see if a rich man can pass through the eye of a needle.

(Not now Christian, nor have ever been, so I apologise if I fucked up the “eye of a needle” thing)

True, but hopefully someday it will. As soon as the Catholic Church becomes a ticker symbol, I’ll be all over it. The kids are eating it up these days! They’ll have to pay the maintenance bills on these McChurches somehow.

Not really, they can justify it with the words of Jesus:

I’m not saying all Christians interpret it that way, but some do, especially the wealthy ones.

A local church, Southeast Christian, built a $50M facility 6 years ago, with at least one addition since. From their history page,

Then have have a traffic exit pattern.

My point is that big churches are big “business”. And the fact that the could feed the hungry, educate the illiterate, etc with all that money is immaterial. Their path to heaven is through faith in Their Lord Jesus Christ, not in your heathen, humanist caring the needy! Gracious, that sound almost Roman Catholic.

The linked article seems to indicate that they want to help the local community in addition to serving their religious needs. The Chicago Public School system and the Chicago Bulls have already expressed interest in having activities for local children there.

It also notes that he used to do 4-5 sermons per week to be able to serve all of the members who’d show up - the church has 22,000 members - and now he’ll be able to cut back to twice a week.

Interesting point. Is it somehow more offensive because it says God?

Yes, because the God it ‘says’ said many times that feeding the poor and caring for the sick should be the highest calling for those who would call themselves his worshipers.

Donald Trump built many buildings many times tackier, but Donald Trump hasn’t stated that his goal in life is to do anything else.

You’re absolutly right. Let’s pick a reasonable dollar amount. Say 1/2 million.
Any church or cathederal that costs more than that. Burn it to the ground.