50º Outside & My Building Has The Air Conditioning On

What the fuck? It’s almost 50 degrees outside and my damn building has the air conditioning on. Let me explain: I live in a high-rise and the building doesn’t have central air. Instead, the building pumps (into the vents) cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Each unit can then close the vent or blow the air in. Even though I have the air off in my apartment, the air is on in the hallway - which, according to my estimate, is about 15 degrees right now - and it blows into my apartment under my door. Now that may not seem like a lot, but after a few hours it’s pretty damn noticeable.

I understand it would be silly to turn on the heat, just to turn it back to air conditioning tomorrow, but could we at least turn the fucking air down a bit? It is fucking freezing in here. I’m lighting candles for heat! What the fuck is that?

I’m assuming you mean Fahrenheit? Cause the mere thought of 50 degrees Celcius makes my skin peel off. :smiley:

Yeah. Unusual weather for August in Chicago. :slight_smile:

The weird thing about environment control is that in summer, people want a very low ambient temperature that, if they were forced to endure in winter, they would bitterly complain about. In winter, they want the heat turned up to what would be considered unbearable in the summer. I don’t understand it.

Come live down here. It’s less cold then it has been all week but there is no air conditioning (except for offices and shops) no central heating. Hell not even screens to keep the bugs out!

Harden up:D

Oh and bring your gumboots because it won’t stop pissing down.

Ignore calm kiwi, the JAFA. Here in Sunny Nelson the sun shines down while a calm wind blows. :smiley:

Oh yeah, it’s sooooo much warmer there :smiley:

How’s the central heating? :wink:

JAFA and proud by the way. :slight_smile:

How old is your building? The office where I worked for many years had the same problem. Rather than a/c, they had a chiller and a heater. The problem was that they don’t work on a simple switch. There was a specific process that took a few hours to implement to switch between heating and cooling. Once in either mode, that was the building situation until a change in seasons. Unfortunately, with large buildings, they can’t simply turn off the fans because the resulting cessation of air circulation causes the building to get really hot as all the light bulbs, refrigerators, computers, and TVs continue to pump heat into the motionless air. (This was particularly fun when we had a warm spell in October or March, because we had a choice between forced air heat or stagnant heat.)

I never got a straight answer as to why the chiller or heater could not simply be shut down while the fans stayed on during unseasonable temperatures, but that was our situation, as well. (I suppose that the chiller might actually be off, but that the simple act of forcing 50° air from the outside through the building has a added cooling effect. However, I am not up on that aspect of fluid dynamics.)