$50 to the Potter Predictions winner

As promised in my thread for the Potter 7 predictions contest, I’ll send $50 to the winner. (Post 73 in the thread)


I am no Potter expert, so if any of you who posted–and you must have posted in that thread–want to step up first and mention the post you think is a winner, please do so.

C Dexter has opened the board to multiple Potter threads but please put any support in spoilers. You may also email me directly at thumbtop@hotmail.com but do me a favor and don’t junk up my box, please.

No post containing any wiggle room of any kind–“might” “or” “possibly…” is likely to win.

I will try to make a decision by Sunday or Monday.

I didn’t post on the other thread, but seeing how this post has fallen off the main page, I don’t feel too horrible about posting anyways. It looks like Tim314 had the best predictions.

(spoiler box added by me because they were such good predictions)

They were all right exceptthe Horcrux one, which was still mostly correct. It was Ravenclaw’s Diadem instead of her wand and there was an extra unexpected Horcrux-Harry.Everything else was right on, though.