£500 ($900) to spend on little ol me, what shall i buy?

Havent got a clue, £500 burning a hole in my pocket, cannot think of anything to buy, suggestions appreciated.
Never had £500 to soend on myself before!

I’ll forward you my account number. :smiley:

Ok, ok…how about a fancy schmancy mp3 player?
A small vacation?
Blow it all on clothes/books/dvds/cds in a mad shopping rush?

Negotiable securities.

Excuse my ignorance, what are they?, do we get them over here?

I would suggest a few fun activities that shouldn’t cost 500 pounds:

Get a introductory flight lesson in a helicopter/airplane
Try skydiving
Take the Eurostar to Belgium and get so loaded on trappist ales that you are forced to sleep outside the monistary (probably better wait till summer)

in any case, I suggest blowing it on an interesting life experience rather than a toy or gadget or something

Stocks & bonds are securities—a security is simply a secure financial instrument. (I should add that secure means only that the identity of the owner is a matter of legal record - not a indication that there’s no risk in holding the instrument; all investments carry some element of risk.) Negotiable means only that once you have ownership (hold the certificate), you can sell it for whatever someone is willing to pay. You don’t necessarily have to trade it on the stock market at the prevailing prices; you can legally sell your security to the guy sitting next to you in the pub if you wish.

You should buy one of those pillows made of foam that melts to the shape of whatever is lying on it.

A bicycle.

Fancy Coffees

Take your best friend out for a multi-course meal and rent a car to drive you there and back

A whole outfit that isn’t on sale. Just walk by a store window and say-That’s the one!

10% to charity. Go buy some toys or coats for kids.

Invite the BritDopers for a Dopefest, drinks on you.

£500 worth of beer should last a few minutes or so.